It also saves money by allowing you to use the bedframe you already have. Diamond Mattress is not a cheap brand. Thermic Cool-Phase Hybrid. shrls_ifrm_117.contentDocument.document : shrls_ifrm_117.contentDocument; Did You Know? This collection features flippable innerspring mattresses. If you’re going to invest hundreds of dollars in a new mattress, it’s important that you know it can be replaced if any issues arise. Biggest Holiday Sale Ever! Motion transfer is limited because of the coil system. A Positive Legacy: 80 Years of Sleep Wellness We are a 4th generation family owned, and operated company. Save $200 off Mattress + FREE Pillows, FREE Luxury Sheets and FREE Mattress Protector ($399 VALUE). There is no doubt that Diamond Mattress has adapted well over the years to ensure they stay up-to-date with current trends, new technology, and more advanced materials. Mattresses are constructed using unique blends of materials – each material lends a different benefit to the mattress design. You can find many mattress companies that add on features worth hundreds of dollars. If Diamond Mattress wants to update their offerings, they tend to bring out new mattresses, rather than update old ones. The Signature Series Mattresses ™ from Diamond Mattress ®, are a masterpiece of expertise and innovation to provide superior support and heat transfer technology for a superior night's sleep. Many of these features are crucial in ensuring you have the best experience possible. This mattress has a Rayon 4-Way Stretch Knit Cover that is thin enough to allow breathability, but durable enough to ensure your mattress avoids damage. In this section of our review, we’re going to explore the way that Diamond Mattress constructs the Dream Fantasy mattress. Copper. First time visco memory foam sleepers, please allow 30-60 days to adjust to sleeping on a visco elastic memory foam mattress. Based off what I've read here, it seems to have some quality foam though it will probably be a very firm mattress. You can call or email their customer support team when you need assistance. In terms of firmness, these mattresses range from 2 to 10 – meaning they encompass almost every level of support available. We’re proudly dedicated to making the kind of mattresses that dreams are made of. To best follow the body’s natural movements in bed, Hästens mattresses are quilted in a special diamond pattern with soft, flowing waves. Mattress combines the conforming response of gel-infused memory foam and the superior support of a wrapped coil innerspring system for a more comfortable, deeper, night's sleep. Perfect blend of support and comfort for the ultimate choice in luxury. Largest assortment of memory foam beds and lowest price guaranteed. Unfortunately, the return policy at Diamond Mattress is a bit confusing. Clear: Choose A Foundation * ... Sleep Tite Mattress Protector. Quilt: TENCEL® Cover Layer; Fire Retardant Fiber; 1″ High Density Quilt Foam; Two 3/4″ Quilt Foam Layers; Construction: 1″ Extra Firm Foam Layer If you’re someone who wants to be able to easily communicate with companies you work with, this is a great benefit. shrls_ifrm_117_Node.document.write(shrls_str_117); You shouldn't have to break the bank for a good night's rest. $1499-$2049. In our effort to provide prices you deserve, we minimize our overhead expense. }, 500); Holiday Sale: $300 OFF + FREE Pillow on any mattress purchase! If you don’t like the mattress reviewed in this article, chances are Diamond Mattress will have another type of mattress that you’ll enjoy. Their big differentiator is that they actually make their own pocket coils and process their own memory foam. Our goal and mission is to help you find the bed that promotes your sleep and well being. document.write('<'+sp+'link rel="stylesheet" type="text\/css" href="https:\/\/\/mp4Player.css"><'+sp+'div><'+sp+'div style="float:left;">