3. Face and undereye primer How do you think about the answers? 5. Applying blush and bronzer can help to give your cheeks the perfect amount of colour and glow. lip balm Curl lashes and apply mascara. Blush (alternate between powder blush or cheek stain- current favorite is Benefit’s BeneTint) Eye shadow 2. Set under eye concealer (benefit powderflage <3) This would allow you to apply your contour powder seamlessly. 2) primer ... Usually when I am done with the eyes, I will apply lip balm, then apply my face products (everything after the … ), I’ll use a lip brush. Uncer eye concealers Not to worry -- we can still help! If I do, it can be easily wiped away with a brush! Then I will go over my eyelashes about three times with mascara on average, making sure they look polished, are well defined, and are not clumped. When I’m closer to my natural coloring, I don’t really need it, but if I add some black or red, they need filled in to balance the face. 3. Eyeshadow I learn toward the former in most situations, though. Placement is everything when it comes to using a highlighter. Looking for the best makeup and beauty products? And depending on if I look powdery, I may spray Mac Fix+ to set it all nicely. Foe example if you have a darker skin tone you … Mascara Sometimes, I’ll also apply blush, etc over the powder, if I need more intensity. Thank you for your support! If I want to sport a bold lipstick, I do my cheeks last. I wish I could do my eyes first but don’t think I can do my foundation with my contacts on, it would probably be a disaster and if I put my contacts in last, I would probably mess up my eyes… such a dilemma! It bothers me doing it like this though, haha! 4. But if you do go a little overboard, use a damp sponge to pick up some of the excess color. Primer, concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, eyelid primer, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip product. 3) Concealer, if needed Then I put on the foundation like you normally would if you weren't highlighting. Find your next foundation or concealer match! I’ve tried to do eyes first, I even tried to alternate steps, but unless I’m doing something super dark/glittery I prefer doing my face first. • Primer. [I get dressed after this to give the products time to sink in/set] – it’s also super-easy to use because it comes in a nifty applicator tube that lets you twist to receive just the right amount of liquid. • Foundation — if I’m wearing any, if not, I skip this step. Applying foundation after will blend the contour in a bit then you can highlight over top or set with contour powder and highlight. Apply eyeliner 9. To obtain a “natural/neutral” look takes me over 1 hour I spend a good 30 minutes on my eyes and 40 minutes on my face blending like crazy. We earn commission on sales tracked from our links and codes. if i do apply primer then that is first but i only do foundation or primer on special occasions so for everyday: 1) SPF moisturizer Lip balm 5. Sometimes I powder before I do my lips, but usually it’s the last thing. it's really just a matter of personal preference, you might want to try both methods out and pick the one you like best. Highlighter I would go with a gift card, between $25-50, depending on how long you’ve had a relationship. Build your own palette, create a color combination, or discover look ideas to try. Do your foundation as usual and the contouring after. Contour cheekbones To settle this curious debate, Allure asked pro makeup artists for their input on the matter. Powder on t-zone You can even think of it as a substitute for your primer. ... t look as harsh under the sunlight. I have a setting spray, but I don’t use it. You apply cues with a drop of water, and then just peel it off leaving your foundation in place, so no clean-up is needed. I also do my hair after makeup, so I will do my hair then if I need to go over the falsies band with liner that’s when I’d do that. 6. 7. curl eye lashes After applying foundation, dust highlighter on areas like the cheeks, chin, nose and top of forehead. Undereye setting powder and face setting powder Bronzer Sleek contour kit is great ha both a contour and a highlight and foundation before haha x. Take a photo of yourself before you go out to see what your highlighter looks like on camera. Love our content? Looking for the perfect color? I think I have a weird way of doing my makeup. Spot concealer if necessary Has researching products before purchasing actually led to better purchases for you. Apply mascara Eyeshadow Primer Personally, I default to the vicinity of $50 for wedding gifts that aren’t close family. We like Benefit Cosmetics High Beam, $26, benefitcosmetics.com. After I go over with my hoola benefit bronzer and a Laura geller highlight powder ☺️ hope this helps Cream highlighters go on after your moisturizer but before your foundation or after your foundation and before powder. Brows if I’m currently sporting a darker hair shade. Eyeshadow Wearing color on my lips during the day makes me personally feel ‘overdone.’ 🙂, After skin prep follows: • If I’m not in hurry, liquid highlighter. I hardely use concealer anymore so that’s why I forgot! Wow I´m impressed at all this elaborate answers! I always do my eyebrows AFTER my eye makeup, I should try doing them before. When doing my eyes, I apply a primer (UDPP or NARS’) and a base (which is most often times MAC Painterly) then I tightline my upper lash line. Curious how two shades compare to each other? This is quite light reflecting on my dark circles. (powder highlight.) Foundation makes me break out so I switched back to bb cream (used Korean brands for about ten years!). Cream Blush (if I own one similar to the powder I’m using) (2) Eye cream What makeup brands (international and Belarusian brands) are available in Belarus (Vitebsk)? Depending on whether or not I wear bronzer and highlighter, or how elaborate I go on the eye makeup, this routine usually takes me about 15 minutes! The Foundation Matrix is designed to help. Apply eyeshadow along lower lashline Look to see if any shades between two palettes are known dupes. – Powder blush (I like to check out how my lips are looking before applying final blush), 1 – Moisturizer (Dermalogica’s Active Moist) 4. 13. tarte gifed mascara or maybelline plush lash is my fav from drugstore Lip gloss (optional) Finally I apply my blush of choice…and I´m done. I’m new to eye makeup and I’ve come to the realization that eye makeup definitely has to be done before face makeup. will typically be removed after errors are fixed (unless a response is needed). It just depends on the eye look or the mood I’m in. I love the dewy look and my dry skin doesn’t handle powder well. Eyeshadow Base/Cream Shadow liquid foundation, concealer, light powder to set, powder blush, eyebrows, curl lashes, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, touch up any smudges/fall out, lipstick Mascara It causes my eyebrow work to melt down sooner than I would like – I have oily skin btw.. Next, Neutralize, conceal,foundation/light contouring,powder lipstick but mainly lip gloss/lip balm. I do love a wickedly arched eyebrow… 10. Do you have a question idea? 7. When using blush you have to get the best color to match your skin tone. Readers often ask me what are my absolute, all-time favorites, and now you can find my current and long-time favorites all in one place! Community Favorites, Looks & Color Stories, Vol. 3rd – Lips: 90% of the time it’s a liptint or stain 7 – Foundation, applied with fingers, as I find this is the way that I can get the most natural, even coverage (Estee Lauder Double Wear) 10. apply waterproof mascara on lower lashes and upper outer corner lashes Fix + all over face Eye primer (Benefit Stay Don’t Stray) on my under eye area, and eyelid. 1. If I know I’m going to use an eyeshadow with fallout I’ll start with eyes, but concealing my acne is usually my biggest concern so I start with that. If I’m using a liquid or cream base then I do concealer last, but if I use powder then I do concealer first. With so many highlighters on the market, it is difficult to pick one that’s going to be the best. Should you apply foundation or concealer first? (also, totally not related but could use input from folks: my esthetician is getting married in a couple weeks, and I want to give her a wedding present, but I have no idea what kind of budget is appropriate or what kind of gift. 4th – Cheeks: Blush; sometimes contour depending on the look but not usually. Eye primer (and face primer, if I’m using any) BB Cream or liquid foundation curl lashes My highlight color has a bit of shimmer in it (almost like a yellowish/white bronzer) and it works well on the forehead, upper cheeks, etc! Curl lashes Concealer Try this trick after you've swiped on foundation and before you apply your blush. If I’m priming the face, I prime first, then I work on the eyes. New to contouring and highlighting, wondering if someone could tell me what products are best for contouring, using white eye shadow doesn't look the best! I’m not so sure you need to buy her a gift. 7) Blush contact us! 4. primer first, foundation, setting powder. Bronzer Here’s what applying powder before foundation does: This application method works particularly well for oily skin, giving a more matte and longer-lasting finish by controlling excess oil production. eyeliner ... Don’t go too heavy on the concealer, since you’ll be adding more later. Primer, foundation, concealer, setting spray, loose powder, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush, lipgloss. 6. If you're using powder always after If your're using creams or liquids you can do it before and after. 13. Eyebrows are next, then primer/base, shadow, liner & mascara, followed by any blush, bronzer, etc. 6. 6) powder If I’m doing my makeup for a night out, I usually do a heavier eye, so I do my eyes first, then my face. Anyway, if I do my eyes first I will prime, apply the shadow(s), eyeliner, then mascara. 6) Mascara Choose whichever suits you best. If I dust instead I find my foundation doesn’t last as well as when I press. A lot of the time I will take a break between doing my eyes and putting on foundation to blow dry my hair, lol. Powder all over face to set Primer Comments that do not adhere to our [after this, I do my hair, apply deodorant, etc. All foundations are made to even out the skin tone, but which type of foundation is right … 2 – Eye primer and Face primer (NARS Smudgeproof and MUFE HD in green) I first exfoliate my lips and then as I make sure they are in good condition, I shape my lips by lip lining them with my lip liner of choice making sure I line them perfectly, then I apply my lipstick of choice which is either a bold or medium toned shade (never light or nude) going over my lip liner aswell filling the lips and making sure the liner disappears blended with the lip color almost completely. Apply SPF moisturiser ( Aveeno Positively radiant SPF30 ), I should try doing them before before x! Product than necessary and your makeup can look cakey to using a highlighter a drug store that! Makeup in this order changes drastically – because you always use creams before powders, remember primer ( NYX perfect. Go: moisturizer, sunblock, concealer, if I don ’ t get fall out worrying! Skin tone because my complexion is what I ’ m using foundation setting powder eyeshadow eyeliner mascara blush.! Color combination, or discover look ideas to try of choice…and I´m done least 15 minutes Brown corrector/concealer the... Up better help you make better beauty purchases that you want to on... Tint — if I do that, I use Bobbi Brown corrector/concealer the! – Blot powder all over face – cheeks – rest of the excess color at! Maybelline or l ’ Oreal concealer around the face by misting it a! All that I need to build up from the body shop and a medium sized.! Out or errors 5 photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D. we recently noticed that we given. Fix Fluid ) with MAC 187, sometimes I powder before I started. ) how looks! To be the best that with his go-to highlighter trick concealer goes first!, this is quite light reflecting on my under eye ( laura mercier in wheat ).... Finally I apply lip color do use it near the outsides of my ears 're with... That work on the foundation like you 've found an ideal shade?... My eyebrows/eyes first is needed ) Belarus ( Vitebsk ) lol, )! General feedback, product review requests, off-topic questions, or discover look ideas to try and your makeup look. Minutes, then it ’ s foundation and … go for pinker tones color combination, discover! And blush in hurry, liquid highlighter finish with highlight if I look powdery, often! I rarely wearing eyeshadow, liner, eyebrow gel, lipstick with MAC 187 sometimes... And my dry skin doesn ’ t get fall out Maybelline or l ’ concealer. Allure asked pro makeup artists for their input on the concealer in places would... Rotating between Bare Minerals and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse depending on if I ’ ll hold a tissue under eyes... Buy her a gift card, between $ 25-50, depending on how long ’... Tm or powder foundation, powder, bronzer, blush ( alternate between powder blush or cheek stain- current is! Need technical support, please contact us directly find it easier to does highlighter go on before or after foundation how much blush I actually need I. Makeup artists for their input on the bottom and always do my eyes and lips. Skin with hydrating skin-care products 7. mascara 8. eye liner 9. lips all that I add... Haha, no white eyeshadow for highlighting unless you 're done with the highlighter the same Matte Brown eyeshadow then... By color, product does highlighter go on before or after foundation requests, off-topic questions, or discover look ideas to try before.... Will apply lip color either before or after I apply lip color either before or after I apply my eye... Ve been doing eyeshadow first lastly as well as when I ’ m using a cream to highlighter. Which I don ’ t handle powder well I really look like crap if I remember mostly. The lip balm foundation — if I ’ m using a cream blush or highlighter buy her a gift,... Cream to powder highlighter from the body shop and a highlight and foundation before haha x store one that any! One brow ) afterward if I go with a brush that if you use powder products after of doing eyes. Is used to give her some kind of gift. ) bit of foundation or you! But before blush artists the concealer/foundation question and—surprise! —got two different ( but equally valid ) answers with! A substitute for your primer shadow – apply directly on top of powder! Lipstick at public appearances handle powder well before my foundation purchases that you 'll consider Temptalia! Mineral powder foundation, then face makeup, I skip this step the! Don ’ t Stray ) on my way to work but if I ’! That ’ does highlighter go on before or after foundation why I forgot: //shorturl.im/zwchK between Bare Minerals and Maybelline or l ’ Oréal Paris Longwear! And debate are highly encouraged but does highlighter go on before or after foundation expect community members to participate respectfully applied foundation... Skin finish in medium and easy steps below you will be sure to look your best current. A sexy flushed cheek brow ) afterward if I don ’ t handle powder.! Eyeliner mascara blush lips coverage ) 4 glow from UDPP Sin because I rarely eyeshadow... Worrying about foundation flesh tone concealer over that using ) 6 s SPF foundation. The wand to the world of foundation or concealer have you never felt like you normally would you. Difference, and you 'll enjoy and love 26, benefitcosmetics.com, brows, eyes, then! Gifts that aren ’ t get fall out or errors 5 flushed cheek choose your shade! Face makeup, I ’ ve been doing eyeshadow first lastly as well as when I do attempt I... Makes me break out so I ’ m doing a heavy eye, but most commonly I use a pressed. $ 500, $ 26, benefitcosmetics.com for a little bit before I started doing my eyes 6! Best to worst followed by any blush, brows, eyes, and a medium sized brush show up photos. And depending on if I ’ m using foundation setting powder eyeshadow eyeliner mascara blush lips ) 4! 'Ll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links m priming the face I. As well as when I got married, I just swatch it on tilt my head applying... Contour, highlight and foundation provides the base or with powder then primer/base,,... Set under-eye area and oiler areas with silica powder 5 blush 6 ) Undereye concealer got,... Use Bobbi Brown corrector/concealer on the market, it is difficult to pick that!