fork, or other utensil. (verb) It is sprinkled sparingly over gumbo as a seasoning and a thickening agent, giving it a distinctive flavor and texture. Home > Baking, Cooking & Cake Decorating Tips & Advice > preparations as cakes and some cookies. fondant. Affixing decorations, such as flowers or icing decorations, to your cake using dots of icing. Syrup dropped into ice water separates into hard, brittle threads that break when bent. An individual horizontal part of a solid. Castor or caster sugar is the name of a very fine sugar in Britain, so named because the grains are small enough to fit though a sugar A mixture of beaten egg, milk, and possibly other ingredients such as sweet or savory flavorings, which is cooked with gentle heat, often in a Small brush that is used to clean icing out of decorating tips. To mechanically cut a food into small pieces. Tips & Advice | crisps, and tarts. The stage or temperature at which a small quantity of heated sugar syrup forms a hard ball when dropped into cold water. Bags can be made of plastic, polyester or parchment paper. Folding is a way to gently combine ingredients with different densities without deflating the lighter/aerated ingredient. A loose, free-flowing way to ice your cake that is easy for anyone to achieve.  | Last modifications, Copyright © 2012 sensagent Corporation: Online Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, Dictionary definitions and more. For tips which have irregularly shaped openings, the direction the tip is held must be specified in order to produce correctly of the liquid ingredients. Stiff consistency is used for flowers with upright petals, medium consistency is used for borders and flat A dozen standar-size muffins typically take about 20 to 30 minutes. Also used to thicken some fillings. A large worktop piece of electrical equipment which has the capacity to mix large amounts of batter or dough. The size and shape of the opening on a decorating tube determines the type Fried cake batter, tropical waffle. Standard size is 10" diameter and 4" deep, Can be used to soften dried icing etc. In bread google_ad_slot = "9674028582"; To add a liquid to a thicker mixture to make it runnier. Unused A plastic triangle with toothed or serrated edges; used for texturing icings. Can be arranged in tiers to resemble a larger wedding cake. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares. Choose the design that fits your site. A round pan with high, straight sides (2 1/2 to 3") that expand with the aid of a spring or clamp. A metal rack with feet to raise it slightly above the surface on which it is placed. Change the target language to find translations. a Creole and Cajun soup/stew. making, kneading the dough also develops the gluten strands in the flour so it adequately holds in the gases released by the leavener (yeast) to Baked goods that contain no agents to give them volume, such as baking powder, baking soda, or yeast. A cooking method that allows heat to meet food directly, such as grilling, broiling, or toasting. /* 180x90, created 2/15/09 */ To mix or toss to distribute ingredients evenly. pancakes, cake, or Yorkshire pudding) or to coat food (e.g. Covering part or an entire decorating surface with icing stars. Batter definition, to beat persistently or hard; pound repeatedly. It circles. crumbly and looks like coarse meal. There is no generic recipe for bouquet garni, A combination of ingredients including flour, water or milk, and, sometimes, a leavener, producing a firm but workable mixture for making Pearls can be individual or color to it and is lighter than regular fudge. acts as a smooth base for pastillage flowers and royal icing details. The mounds made in a mixture. A clear alcoholic beverage distilled from cherries. To agitate an ingredient or a number of ingredients using a hand held tool such as a spoon. A technique using icing, piping gel, and tips to form pearls on a cake. A bar spoon holds about 5 milliliters useful extra attachments such as a blender, juice extractor, pasta maker or coffee grinder. English Encyclopedia is licensed by Wikipedia (GNU). Thin, colored outer coating of citrus fruit that contains the essential oil extracts Stir into icing to restore consistency or use to soften fondant or royal icing. Antonyms for batter. decorations will last for years as keepsakes. A technique of applying stripes of color--either icing or color paste-- Add new content to your site from Sensagent by XML. The cake is first covered with a very thin layer of A white, tasteless, solid fat that has been Decorating tip used to make icing flowers quickly and easily. They are also known as Tuscan peppers, sweet Italian Bake: Cook with dry, radiant heat in an oven. For example, egg white that has been whipped to stiffness. Balling 15. A cacao (chocolate bean) flavored liqueur, often scented with vanilla. A fudge-like candy made from brown sugar, butter, and milk, using no flavorings except for vanilla. Preheat the oven to 180ºC (350ºF). bitter flavor, the best way to avoid this happening is to turn the fruit frequently when grating. Pull off outer covering, such as with bananas or oranges. A very light and airy filling similar to a dense whipped becomes a ball if tip is left in the icing). main dish or sweetened as a dessert. The viscosity of batter may range from very "stiff" (adhering to an upturned spoon) to "thin" (similar to single cream, enough to pour or drop from a spoon and sometimes called "drop batter"). Include peppermint, toffee, pecan crisp, lemon and cinnamon. Created by combining a sugar syrup with a small amount of acid (such as cream of tartar or lemon juice) and heating. Food mixers also often have It is best to stir it into water first before it is added to other foods, so that it can be more easily incorporated Concentrated color formula used for adding color to icing and other foods. caramel. Q R S T U V W X Y Z. It is often considered to be the ideal form of cooked pasta. Glossary of Terms,