I’m certain the Buyer who paid his hard earned Money for a Denon Stereo wanted it to be a Functioning one but FedEx made certain it wasn’t Bottom line,,, is I am out $198…. This review is for Fed Ex ground. Box 5006, Harrison, AR 72602 Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact PissedConsumer.com. You can see it was more than two months ago. The sad part is, they’re correct. One of the worst experiences with a company I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some bad ones. I wish they had negative stars to choose from because that is what I would give. My purpose for sending is meaningless. Ordered a heat press on eBay, came in time however the FedEx driver left my expensive package sitting on my door step and it poured rain that day (he/she did not wrap my package) the box was soaked, my machine was literally sitting in water. I understand if 3 to 5 days late its ok but my delivery has too much late. Ph: (800) 308-3963 Fax: (870) 414-0712 P.O. Add supporting documents. I haven't received my package from Goodwill. Review #1531361 is a subjective opinion of poster. file.claim@fedex.com Fax 1.877.229.4766 FedEx Cargo Claims Dept. Review #1584280 is a subjective opinion of poster. So send my money back to my address. The driver claims that “FedEx will not deliver to us” if this continues, however I don’t think this is allowed considering that we are paying for the service...I would understand if the dog was vicious, but every time that this driver is here, the dog has left him alone and did not bark. I have waited nearly 2 weeks for my parcel and only to find out they will ship it back to the shipper! Why doesn't FedEd take care of this.. it is not my fault or the shippers fault that the idiot left my package in the pouring rain! Over a month and no resolution. I even have email confirmations for them as well! Hm. Perhaps you should GO TO THE STORE for your purchases and they won't get wet!!! Called FedEx support again and was told that the fee is from a 30% tax on the value of the box and it is listed on the customs website. This time the package wasn't returned and I file the complaint. Rating Details. And Finally secured at all seams of the Box with Packing Tape. The fact that there is no one to complain to and no one to talk to that seems to have any control, is proof that FedEx does not care about customers or the business that they are in. 5 yrs ago insured Xmas packages, lost all packages and it took 4 months to get my insurance which did not cover the loss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYNALyJxjZU i love pissedsconsumer. So she then hung up in my face . I had then proceeded to file a Damage claim on Fedex’s website.. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Use DHL or ups. My first and only claim I ever made with Fedex and it was Denied before I sent in the Requested information….?? A review of your claim shows that the original shipping cartons, packing materials and contents were not available for our inspection." :), FedEx doesn't even care about customer or there needs post there business is done. Review #955988 is a subjective opinion of poster. InstructionsClaim filing instructions for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight claims. Fax: 024 76702610 or email to claimsteam@fedex.com FEDEX CLAIM FORM_AUG 2016 D D M M Y Y IMPORTANT – Sales and cost price invoices need to be provided, however please do not delay submission of the claim whilst you are obtaining these. Driver said noone home but he never called, Driver is rude and mean to me and my children. I have already received from FedEx two empty boxes and one missing box. Note that our mailman and the UPS driver are both good friends with the dog, and he is very friendly and would never bite. Review #2127316 is a subjective opinion of poster. Y'all are a f***en joke. ", "avoid", "do not use Fedex". Even when the dog is inside he gets upset at him barking through the window! Go to FedEx Claims online using this link Click Start a Claim button It is now three days late. A sender or receiver has up to nine months to file a claim for a lost package. Nell. Share. FeaturesFind out what FedEx® Claims Online can do and learn about its features. They are a JOKE!!!! Fedex should change top management, the CEO, CFO, board of directors. FedEx damaged my driveway and adjacent stone work. **Please note: All claims are now submitted through Pulse. 12/27/2020. I can forgive occasional delays, but 3 times in less than a month with no explanation is unforgivable. Tracking Tool. Given to me by my brothers widow, as part of his estate, so obviously, important to me, besides the obvious value. This estimate is based upon 1 FedEx Ground Claims Adjuster I salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. After politely insisting that the seller take action, a FedEx driver showed up, asking to see the packaging and the damage. Rating Details. Stop in for convenient access to FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® shipping services, supplies, boxes and packing help. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. On the final review screen, check to see that all the information input is correct, then hit "Submit." Fedex customer services don't answer calls. When the Buyer received the Receiver he immediately messaged me with Photos showing a Large Dent on the Right hand side of the Receiver.. Because of this Impact the electronic internals were now damaged as the Stereo could not generate or Reproduce Sound. We have the ability to administer programs globally while still understanding the complexities of regional delivery. Thats weird. On several occasions, he has harassed my daughter about our dog when she went out to retrieve the packages. The overall rating of the company is 1.4 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. If I have a choice I will not be shipping with FedEx so I don’t have to deal with this awful driver. Housing Starts, Jobless Claims, FedEx: 3 Things to Watch. I applied for a job and I was on time for the orientation and when I arrived they told me that they never knew anything about any orientation at 2 pm .I already lost 4 hours of my previous work that I got for morning.i’m sorry but this is unacceptable. 3. I don't know what is wrong with them right now but I would avoid them at all costs. 1.8. Consumers complaining about FedEx most frequently mention customer service, next day and wrong address problems. Step 3: Submit your claim Review the information you have entered, submit the claim form, and print your case number page for your records. Just this year, on February 19, it was announced that the VA was switching to the new veteran’s appeals law called the Appeals Modernization Act (or, AMA). Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! They’re unresponsive, ARC is unresponsive, etc. Fedex - Claim Review. See instructions below** How it works STEP 1: Click the button below to login to Pulse (first-time users need to create an account) STEP 2: Click "Submit a claim" STEP 3: Fill out claim information and upload supporting documentation . FedEx Kinko's is now FedEx Office. Average 6.4. from 0 - 10. Review company . Claims Adjuster I salaries at FedEx Ground can range from $52,378-$56,291. One can not be on stand-by for the whole day. Crap co the fb share reached the targeted audience and reposting it for this web contributors. Not to mention the Shady Practices of Fedex which was completely shown here… the Fact that my Claim was Denied before they even received the Packet with additional information in which they Requested confirms thei Claims Process is Flawed. Fedex is garbage. Fortunately for Protective customers, we have an Indianapolis-based direct loss reporting unit, integrated with centralized claims staff, that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This company is a joke. I mailed this packet off to the “Cargo Claims Dept” on Monday 7/2/19. I need this machine to complete orders I have, I'm out the money for this machine and FedEx just keeps blowing me off saying they can't do anything until they have this letter... well if you need the letter then YOU get it because YOUR driver screwed up... why do I have to go though all this aggravation because your driver is incompetent? FedEx tends to deliver when the store is closed. But will the company’s stock see higher levels over the coming weeks, or is a decline in the stock imminent? They never contacted the recipient. Add to a Claim. Sheryl Hubbell worked for FedEx SmartPost, Inc. (FedEx) for about eight years until Fed Ex fired her in 2014. Attached to the letter mailing label contains the details of the package delivery. They informed me that the claims were being processed. P.O. Review your information, submit the claim form, and print the case number page for your records. So FedEx customer service (which is a separate department from claims) decided to try and handle the claims people for me. I don’t understand how this company stayed in business for so long. Website . For Freight claims, please send supporting documents to file.claim@fedex.com. Useful. Possibly more than the claims they deny? Reply. If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter, No structure no communication unprofessional, Delivered to wrong as in the words of driver. It's not worth to spend money. Fedex is the worst company for int… Fedex is the worst company for int shipping, the customer service are nice people but the amount of excesses is beyond a joke, over 2 weeks to get a parcel from China and Its still not here, You pay for int priority $50 and it would have been quicker via normal royal mail post, do not use this service, read the reviews. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Most Recent Customer Review. 3 times my delivery was on van to be delivered never arrived then tracking shows delivered. states. I will be moving all of my shipping needs for business and personal to literally any other company. Hope I never have to use them ever again. They don’t deserve this 1 star. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Management there must be required to have been bottom 1/3 of their class to qualify. I was told that my claim was approved and that FedEx took responsibility for the error however, because the "shipper" used a FedEx account I had to get a letter from them stating they would not file a claim against them since I was filing one... Um WHAT? Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money! Step 4: Schedule an inspection or conduct your own. I understand that dogs can be a threat to drivers, but the dog was nowhere near him and didn’t even bark or make any noise. Pkg was in Newark by 8 am the next morning, 55 miles away. Close. Please contact our claims office if you have not received acknowledgment after 30 days of filing your claim. Personally I feel they can't get the job done in a timely manner. Thank You for Your Reply! Carla. Not delivered for another 6.5 days due to "weather in Memphis", no refund, because they don't guarantee anything since last March, FYI. So I gathered all of the requested paperwork including 2 High Res printout of the Damage/Dent.. Review #1830483 is a subjective opinion of poster. Here are the steps to do so. You could very clearly to see that a delivery man passed our house. When I checked the tracking it claims to have been signed for by a mystery person in "Flat 3" with no additional info given. Diversity of Products or Services. Is it not the case that if an insurance premium is paid then a legitimate claim needs to be paid. CC219/0608-ALL 30098DG Guide to Loss and Damage Claims Cargo Claims Contact Information Mailing Address FedEx Cargo Claims Dept. You can file a claim for a missing FedEx package within nine months of its shipment date through the company's Express, Ground, or Freight services. I gave the required information.. Showed Photos of the Receiver from Before and After… 4 Pictures total and then submitted the claim being very optimistic that it would get approved as this was a fully Legit claim. 1. Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website. We shipped several packages with them, which were lost or damaged, and they dragged out the claims process over 4 months!!! KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - A local woman is warning others after she claims she was turned away by a Knoxville FedEx when she went to drop off her mail-in ballot. Imagine something sent on Fedex Overnight reaching to you after a week. Now whoever at Fedex who was physically Handling this Box must have been playing soccer with it or seeing if it could fly off a building,,, Had to be something Drastic to cause this type of Damage as the Package was truly re-enforced and packed so well.. It's the top management not the people who work there. Review #1614587 is a subjective opinion of poster. This review was posted by a verified customer. Original review posted by user Jul 21, 2020. The reason of the return is – Incorrect delivery address of the package. Step 3: Submit your online claim form. Review #2072000 is a subjective opinion of poster. WTH…?? FedEx - Still Waiting For Someone To Contact Me!!! The dumbass drivers don't know how to read addresses, my packages get left at all my neighbors houses and can never find my house. Service 50 I'm currently waiting for a package to be delivered to a customer of ours. There's more people than ever unemployed. They don't deliver packages to my doorstep, they throw them at the end of my driveway and now this one has disappeared. • Researches missing packages to understand the root cause of scanning failures and compiles information on disputed deliveries for management review • Reviews and trends loss and damaged claims filed to identify improperly charged claims and brings to the attention of management Additional Linehaul essential functions: How could this happen as I just sent the packet 3 hours earlier in the day…? I filed the claim and everything and provided documents of how much my package was . I contacted them numerous times over the four months, asking why its taking so long. Useless, unreliable, irresponsible, uncommunicative, antiquated, incompetent. I would never use this company again. Take the “”” Useless delivery company. ... Today, FedEx is trying to claim that they have an incorrect address. 1.8. www.f edex.com. I … YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. How to file a claim for multiple missing packages on FedEx Communication with them is near impossible. Nov 16, 2016 . Your package has been returned to the FedEx office. Our driver is an absolute jerk. Fedex was once a very good name in the courier industry but today it is the worst. | Read 10,781-10,800 Reviews out of 14,737 Express is good, but ground is terrible. Factual background. Advertisements Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee. FedEx is a huge corporation with billions of dollars behind them and they screw up so consistently, I won't deal with them unless there is no other option. My most recent item arrived with the shipping box completely destroyed. It was broken in 2 different places, according to FedEx because the box didn't look overly damaged I'm out of luck. I said in the delivery instruction that 'please call me when arrived' but the driver still didn't call me and assumed I was not at home. Fedex is such a joke. Claims service is the top reason people purchase insurance. They shirked all responsibility over my item and I am out of pocket. I have no idea what sense that makes... so basically I had to contact the shipper and get this letter from them stating this! Has to be the worse of any shipping service. I've been promised multiple call backs, as well as a claim was made and still no one has contacted me, nor has my daughter received her gift. A birthday gift is now going to be 5 days late. FedEx and Huawei have subsequently battled over what the latter claims are illegally undelivered shipments. Looking at other reviews I cannot believe Fedex does not take ownership of problems. There is no cut and dry area on the FedEx website to check the status of a claim you submitted online. Oh...I see....You think that WE control the weather...LOL. Id leave no stars if I could. All they sent was an itemised report of my fees, which I already have. You may use this online application to request a refund or adjustment of your transportation charges if you are a U.S. customer requesting a refund for eligible FedEx Freight ® shipments sent within the 48 contiguous U.S. 1.8 . FedEx ranks 57th among Shipping sites. FedEx - Lost/damaged shipment-still haven't paid! With the newly reformed system, some appeals were being processed and reviewed in only 36 days. Also, nothing was done. I live in California so it was supposed to be here in 3 days. Then they denied all the claims. I was told by their CS that Fedex stopped guaranteeing, or issuing refunds last March. Also, customer service right now is also terrible. No. Now I either have to wait until tomorrow to get it or pay for an Uber to go 20 miles (one way) to pick it up. A package from dallas, tx to southeast Missouri takes 6 days to arrive when fedex tracking said it would be delivered in 3 days, fedex must used team of horse with a covered wagon. This marked the end of the VA’s RAMP program, under which it could take as long as three to seven years to have your appeal decided. 714 reviews for FedEx, 2.2 stars: 'I have a package that is supposed to come from California to NY. I will mention I have in the past had 2 claims with the USPS for Damaged packages and both were approved as the process was quick and Fair and refund checks were issued swiftly. Only the shipper can do this, and in the event the claim is paid, the shipper gets the check, which he should then forward to you. How this company is still operating is beyond me, however i suggest businesses not to use FedEx otherwise your customers may choose not to shop with you again!. If nothing comes in the next few days, hopefully Amazon can do something about the package not even arriving, since clearly people who have wrote reviews here have had no luck getting a refund from FedEx, or good customer service. Stating he delivered it to wrong address. Called Fed ex five times and did not show their mistake on case number or contact us in any way. Way to go lazy fedex driver. It’s a horrible company and customer service, it supposed to deliver my package on Dec 31 and I waited until January 2nd nothing came . Pack, ship and more at over 1,800 locations. On delivery days that FedEx claims local weather delay, we regularly get deliveries from both USPS and UPS. Housing Starts, Jobless Claims, FedEx: 3 Things to Watch. After shipping consignment from India FedEx is suppose to deliver it safe to the destination on time as described with out loss or damage to the products in the consignment that's why... My package delivered too late about 23 days instead of one week. They are no better than street thugs. Contacted CS twice, 12/24 & 12/26, promised "escalation and return call in 20 minutes"-never heard from anyone. We have spoken with there customer service so many times that they actually have had noted our account not to deliver before 1:00pm. FedEx has a consumer rating of 2.23 stars from 660 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. I will NEVER use FexEx for anything!! Big Lier- FedEX delivery manWe have check our neighbor's camera recording for the day it says delivered, and no one on came on our porch neither anyone seen on street that daymy neighbors are well reputed higher post employees who works for reputed companies and confirmed they have not noticed on their front camera When we informed to FedEx FedEx did not do Any investigation that where they delivered the currier which is 22 KG chairseriously, it's concern me a lot.I hope all reviews been read by Company or no outcome by all these reviews postedbecause I do not see any initiative responseAfter claim now 48 hours past Still no result of investigation and story change by customer service assistant as we mentioned that we have recorded footage for that day- no delivery was madeSo called Assistance lady from Fedex- she talks the way they donot carei am at point that i feel I should charge them hourly for time i spend on phoneWith helpless assistant who is just spending time to chitchat and get paid FedEx does not care we use their services or not as they have many customers to fool around because, based on all reviews on website, I do not think anyone from FedEx care about all these victim customersDose any one read my review? Case Number: 061993****. Claims Manager salaries at FedEx Freight can range from $84,017-$90,222. What kind of service is it? According to the Tennessee Secretary of State, absentee voters can mail their ballots using methods other than the United States Postal Service. Review #1589113 is a subjective opinion of poster. Same story as everyone else on here. 45 mins later I receive a "attempted delivery noone in". Fedex Claim Number. 4. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your fedex claim form instantly with SignNow. FedEx Philippines was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 03, 2019 and since then this brand received 8 reviews.. FedEx Philippines ranks 204 of 1046 in Transportation and Logistics category. Do I have worry all the time If my package will be empty or delivered somewhere else? This year leave it to Fedex to mess up another delivery. The claim said it would take 5 to 7 business days to render a Decision. What can we help you with? P.O. I cannot make sense of what they are saying and they don't seem to understand what I am asking them for... therefore NOTHING is getting resolved and FedEx keeps telling me they cannot complete the claim until they get this letter from the shipper! Because we are a business we have an account manger, however she doesn't take calls or answer emails either. Unfit for purpose. Any company thinking of using think again. Sent my daughter her Christmas gift on 12/16/20 and she still hasn't received it, today is 1/7/21. I call customer service and just get the run around. Warranty. Turnaround Time. Shouldn't have anything to do with Covid. Are you frickin' kidding me? Step 6: Submit your batch claim - Review your information and submit your batch claim. 156 views . Driver ran over our stone border along driveway and destroyed 22 feet of it. This estimate is based upon 1 FedEx Freight Claims Manager salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. The tracking ID just keeps saying it will be delivered the next business day, and keeps changing to the next day. Jan 04, 2021. How many stars would you give FedEx? Submit up to 50 claims at one time. Proper Packaging GuidelinesHelp ensure that your packages arrive on time and in good condition with proper packaging, taping and labeling. Box 256 Pittsburgh, PA 5230 At one point, they even admitted that they think they don’t have any liability for property that they damage. Value for money. However, it depends on a number of other factors as well. - Print your case number page for your records. I hate fedex, and I always have. The poney express would be faster. And for them "small" means "less than $500." We specialize in large/complex losses, large domestic and international commercial risks, middle market commercial property losses, and real estate, residential and catastrophic losses. To speed up your claim process, upload supporting documentation for your FedEx Express or FedEx Ground claim as soon as you get it. There are a video that it wasn't delivered. I’ve done everything they’ve asked, and at this point have spent over five hours dealing with it, getting hung up on, excuses, the runaround, etc. the FedEx shipping service is so bad that I still don't get the package delivered today. Fed Ex is so dishonest, never again. Details . Now they need more, sent that 2 weeks ago. In fact, the odds are FeEx will settle with you rather than go to trial. Original review: Dec. 28, 2020 FedEx Montenegro is performing fraudulent activity. Tracking is even a bigger joke, useless tracking information. How to file a claim for multiple missing packages on FedEx. I chose the Paper mail route.. This is by my 3rd bad experience with this company. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. Step 4: Schedule an inspection If an inspection is necessary for your claim, FedEx will notify you. oredered a gaming console . 2. FedEx management are ignorant FedEx....the absolute worst package shipper in the US. Small Claims Courts are notorious for siding with the consumer over the large corporation, especially when there is a small amount of money involved. All FedEx SmartPost claims are processed and managed through the eBay Marketplace. Your report has been sent to our moderators for review . If the claimant has a history of excessive claims than the account should be canceled after claim is paid. Sedgwick’s property and loss adjusting team offers global expertise in property insurance claims and solutions for commercial and residential markets. They informed me that the claims were being processed. $145 for the Stereo and whopping $53 Freight Charge. IT TOOK 3 WHOLE F*****ING DAYS TO GET IT , im MEAN COME ON FED EX . My package stated delivered in my locker at my apartment that was never placed there. Then they denied all the claims. How to file a claim for multiple missing packages on FedEx. Pathetic! They also never contacted me. 14 reviews on TrackingMore . It was in California and supposed to be Amazon prime. FedEx Express and FedEx Ground Claim Form Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Read the following FAQs for answers on the claim resolution process. They came and left saying that it was undeliverable and they never called me. Never use fedex. Obviously it was an idiot like you that delivered my package! Shipping. Took two framed, autographed jerseys to a fedex office in Homewood Illinois, so they would pack and ship them to me at my home in Savannah Georgia. Had to submit claim 3 times. Bloody great. Review #1568673 is a subjective opinion of poster. It left my hands and went into FedEx’s possession on June 11th from CA till it got delivered in MD on June 15th so for 5 days this Box was being Brutalized. The delivery took place one day earlier than agreed, which was nice in this case, of course, but might cause hick-ups to some customers.