If the unit has a high chance of success, he or she will jump up … 1.9 by EraDKtor ----- Table of Contents: ----- 0. The fastest way to a man's heart is his stomach. A keen blade; its form is that of a tempest bound in steel. A sacred blade plucked from the tail of a great dragon, with a hilt carved from its bones. A knife with a blade bent back like the horn of a beast, but far sharper. Now Playing. Thanks to Xenast for the tip about slowing down enemies for stealing. Some graphics property of Square Enix. Had they been larger still, it is like that men could not have used them to drive the demons back. Here you will find a complete listing of Weapons, Armor, and Items. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system. This impressive knife is so large, it's often mistaken for a shortsword. A knife designed for stabbing and slashing again and again until no enemies remains. Franchise: Final Fantasy Tactics; 87. We've got several walkthroughs and FAQs including ones for weapons, random battles and jobs. Sages are available to Nu Mous. A sword befitting a noble knight, or a squire with noble dreams. It is because the sword knows no such doubt. Carvings depicting the tale of a half-man, half-beast hero adorn the shaft of this spear. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is an incredibly deep game, and without a strategy guide, there is a … The blade remains - they do not. All Free. Made for stabbing, not slashing. Deemed too powerful, this sword was buried for centuries in a remote corner of the world. You may wonder how such a rough-hewn blade cuts so cleanly. Swing this greatsword once and the air will sing of battle; twice, and it will sing of victory. Forged from a fallen star, this sword's wan glow is a fading memory of its former celestial glory. Add this game to my: Favorites. (Thief); Dagger (Juggler)


Attack - 35Evade - 2Abilities - Steal: Helm (Thief)


Attack - 37Evade - 1Speed - 2Abilities - Steal: EXP. (M) 9897a180 0c498ae2 17366345 1720bcf2, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Gameboy Advance On such occasions, reach for this sword. Much like other items in the game, Final Fantasy Tactics weapons are mostly available for purchase in shops. Ask ten men the color of this sword as it flies through battle, and you will hear ten answers. Sometimes they can only be called by one person of the summoner job class, sometimes they can be called by any character. A sword wielded by knights loyal to a hero-king of old. Greatswords are two-handed weapons that can be equipped by Soldiers, Paladins, Lanistas, Ravagers, and Chocobo Knights. A sword forged over black flame upon an obsidian anvil and tempered in dark ichor. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Game Boy Advance. The power of the sun nurtures life, yet through this blade, it harvests it. Its blade is like a living flame. The head of this axe was designed on the assumption that what the blade didn't cut, the hammer would surely smash. ). One would have to be a hero of incredible strength to swing a broadsword like this with any style. On the matter of the victim, it is silent. True to its flame, this sword wavers and dances like the voracious flames of a fire. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The off-hand sword much beloved by the hero Gaol. Though modeled on its predecessor, this sword's power far surpasses that of Ragnarok. Axes are one-handed weapons that can be equipped by Vikings and Chocobo Knights. Burglar Sword. A larger sword favored by those with shifty eyes and nimble fingers. Purely Attack-oriented viera should consider the Sniper over the Assassin for leveling, since Snipers have higher HP, Attack and Resistance, and the extra MP, Magic Power and Speed the Assassin would give are not necessary, since the Sniper is already faster than almost everything else. A knife small enough to conceal in one's hand, or an enemy's rib cage. If you're in the business of monster slaying, you need look no further than this sword. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ragnarok is drawn to end them. A large knife with a blade shaped like a man's hand. The last enemy had been slain, the last banner burnt, yet the sword still rang with the din of battle. Awoken from long slumber, this sword awaits the right moment to reveal its powers. We have 12 Walkthroughs for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Add your answer. A saber such as might be wielded by an apprentice blue mage. The only exceptions are rapiers and spears, which fall under the piercing weapons subcategory. The following is a list of edged weapons in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Vitanova. The problem with iron helms is the weight and the heat - and the fact that this sword cuts right through them. Keep in mind that all of these goodies are listed by type and placed in alphabetical order. ... Search for more answers for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance or ask your own question here. Knives are one-handed weapons that can be equipped by Hunters, Rangers, Thieves, Jugglers, and Chocobo Knights. A-Abilities: Prominence Tempest Freezeblink Star Cross Stardust Deluge Soil Evidence Wild Tornado S-Abilities: Absorb MP Half MP C-Abilities: Spell Combo Human Illusionist A-Abilities: Astra Warcry Rasp Cheer Silence Soul Sphere Haste Lifebreak R-Abilities: Bonecrusher S-Abilities: Weapon Atk+ C-Abilities: Scacred Combo Templar The light and heat that radiate from this blade serve only those whom the sword has chosen. Prayers are inscribed along the length of this holy blade to ease the passing of its victims. It is hard to say where the warrior's bloodlust ends and the sword begins. Edged weapons in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Weapons in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift weapons, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Tactics_A2:_Grimoire_of_the_Rift_weapons/Edged_weapons?oldid=3329286. Copious quantities of blood have stained this sword's blade a rich crimson. Its tip is said to hold a dragon's breath. Decades of experience went into the forging and tempering of this fine knife. Restorer. A wide saber with a markedly curved blade. This fiery sword has kindled the blood-rage in many. The FAQ for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance plus great forums and game help. Welcome to the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance wiki guide. Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy Tactics Version 6 ©1997–2020 Josh Alvies (Rangers51) All fanfiction and fanart (including original artwork in forum avatars) is property of the original authors. Quest Reward "Chita on Weapons - Masters", Auction Prize. With this sword in hand, even the most restless heart might glimpse serenity. ~~~~~ Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GameShark Advance Code FAQ Version 1.00 By Vegikachu (Vegikachu@hotmail.com) ~~~~~ This FAQ and … Blood SwordAttack - 18Abilities - Provoke (Soldier); Wyrm Killer (Dragoon)Other Effect - Drains target's HP, Burglar SwordAttack - 39Abilities - Sensor (Soldier), Buster SwordAttack - 35Defense - 5Abilities - Mindbreak (Soldier, Warrior); Wyrm Tamer (Dragoon), Gale SwordAttribute - WindAttack - 36Abilities - Greased Bolt (Warrior), Laglace SwordAttribute - IceAttack - 41Magic Power - 8, Mythril SwordAttack - 33Jump - 1Abilities - Combat Combo (Soldier, Warrior), Onion SwordAttack - 29Defense - 5Magic Resistance - 5Evade - 10Abilities - N/A, RestorerAttack - 40Magic Power - 5Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Downsize (Warrior); Lancet (Dragoon), Short SwordAttack - 25Abilities - First Aid (Soldier, Warrior), Silver SwordAttack - 30Evade - 2Speed - 2Abilities - Speedbreak (Soldier, Warrior), Victor SwordAttack - 33Defense - 10Magic Resistance - 10Abilities - N/A, VitanovaAttribute - HolyAttack - 38Magic Power - 2Abilities - Dragonheart (Dragoon)Other Effects - Absorbs Holy, Blades(Fighter, Gladiator, Mog Knight)

Adaman Blade

Attack - 65Defense - 15Abilities - N/A

Air Blade

Attribute - WindAttack - 40Abilities - Air Blast (Fighter); Bolt Sword (Gladiator)Other Effects - Nullifies Wind

Atmos Blade

Attribute - LightningAttack - 36Abilities - Air Render (Fighter); Mog Lance (Mog Knight)

Ayvuir Blue

Attack - 51Magic Resistance - 10Evade - 2Abilities - N/A

Ayvuir Red

Attack - 62Defense - 10Speed - 2Abilities - N/A

Ebon Blade

Attribute - DarkAttack - 84Defense - 5Abilities - N/A


Attribute - FireAttack - 38Abilities - Backdraft (Fighter); Fire Sword (Gladiator); Mog Attack (Mog Knight)


Attribute - IceAttack - 42Abilities - Ice Sword (Gladiator); Mog Aid (Mog Knight)

Kwigon Blade

Attack - 40Defense - 3Magic Resistance - 3Abilities - Far Fist (Fighter); Mog Guard (Mog Knight)

Materia Blade

Attack - 17Magic Power - 15Magic Resistance - 10Abilities - Ultima Sword (Gladiator); Ultima Charge (Mog Knight)

Mythril Blade

Attack - 32Jump - 1Abilities - Fight Combo (Fighter); Sword Combo (Gladiator); Charge Combo (Mog Knight)

Ogun Blade

Attack - 42Magic Power - 2Abilities - Wild Swing (Fighter, Gladiator)

Paraiba Blade

Attack - 33Magic Power - 10Evade - 2Abilities - Mog Peek (Mog Knight)

Pearl Blade

Attack - 46Abilities - Mog Shield (Mog Knight)

Shadow Blade

Attack - 32Evade - 2Abilities - Beatdown (Fighter, Gladiator); Mog Rush (Mog Knight)

Sun Blade

Attack - 37Speed - 2Abilities - Blitz (Fighter, Gladiator)

Sweep Blade

Attack - 28Abilities - Rush (Fighter, Gladiator)

Venus Blade

Attribute - FireAttack - 45Magic Power - 2Speed - 2Abilities - Doublehand (Fighter, Gladiator)Other Effects - Absorbs Fire; Reduces Water Damage by half



(Blue Mage)

Aqua Saber

Attribute - WaterAttack - 36Evade - 6Abilities - N/A

Blue Saber

Attack - 25Speed - 2Abilities - Learning (Blue Mage)


Attack - 42Magic Power - 5Abilities - N/A


Attack - 47Magic Power - 10Evade - 3Abilities - N/A

Mythril Saber

Attack - 32Jump - 1Abilities - Blue Combo (Blue Mage)


Attack - 31Evade - 2Abilities - N/A


Attribute - FireAttack - 39Magic Resistance - 10Evade - 5Abilities - N/A


Attack - 55Defense - 10Magic Resistance - 10Speed - 2Abilities - N/A

, '

'Knight Swords(Defender, Paladin, Templar)


Attribute - DarkAttack - 32Abilities - Rasp (Templar)

Arch Sword

Attack - 48Abilities - Saint Cross (Paladin); Soul Sphere (Templar)


Attack - 37Abilities - Nurse (Paladin); Hibernate (Defender)


Attribute - HolyAttack - 47Magic Power - 2Evade - 5Speed - 1Abilities - Holy Blade (Paladin)Other Effects - Absorbs and enhances Holy

Excalibur 2

Attack - 87Magic Power - 3Evade - 5Speed - 4Abilities - N/A


Attack - 34Defense - 2Magic Resistance - 1Abilities - Defense (Paladin, Defender)


Attack - 46Abilities - Aura (Defender); Haste (Templar)

Mythril Brand

Attack - 32Jump - 1Abilities - Knight Combo (Paladin); Defend Combo (Defender); Sacred Combo (Templar)


Attack - 75Move - 1Speed - 6Abilities - N/A


Attack - 36Magic Power - 5Abilities - Drop Weapon (Paladin, Defender); Silence (Templar)

Save The Queen

Attribute - HolyAttack - 45Defense - 3Magic Resistance - 3Evade - 5Abilities - Cover (Paladin); Expert Guard (Defender); Astra (Templar)


Attack - 32Defense - 2Magic Power - 5Magic Resistance - 2Move - 1Jump - 1Evade - 2Speed - 2Abilities - N/A



(Paladin, Soldier)

Ancient Sword

Attack - 32Abilities - Magic Break (Soldier); Subdue (Paladin)Other Effects - Nullifies Petrify


Attack - 30Abilities - Powerbreak (Soldier); Parley (Paladin)

Diamond Sword

Attack - 32Abilities - Mug (Soldier)Other Effects - Nullifies Slow


Attack - 42Abilities - N/AOther Effects - Nullifies Doom

Ice Prism

Attribute - IceAttack - 45Abilities - N/AOther Effects - Nullifies Fire and Silence


Attack - 51Abilities - N/AOther Effects - Nullifies Sleep

Master Sword

Attack - 59Abilities - N/AOther Effects - Nullifies KO


Attack - 48Abilities - N/AOther Effects - Nullifies Charm


Attack - 37Abilities - Monkey Grip (Soldier)Other Effects - Nullifies Confusion


Attack - 49Abilities - N/AOther Effects - Nullifies Poison



(Defender, Warrior), BeastswordAttack - 50Defense - 5Abilities - N/A


Attack - 49Defense - 5Abilities - Monkey Grip (Warrior)


Attack - 76Defense - 5Magic Power - 5Abilities - N/A

El Cid Sword

Attack - 47Defense - 10Abilities - Tremor (Defender)


Attack - 77Defense - 5Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - N/A


Attack - 27Defense - 5Abilities - Magic Break (Warrior)


Attack - 37Defense - 5Abilities - Last Berserk (Defender)


Attack - 57Defense - 5Abilities - N/A

Samson Sword

Attribute - EarthAttack - 32Defense - 5Abilities - Powerbreak (Warrior)


Attack - 33Defense - 5Abilities - Body Slam (Warrior); Mow Down (Defender)


Attack - 47Defense - 5Evade - 2Speed - 2Abilities - N/A


Attribute - LightningAttack - 45Defense - 5Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Meltdown (Defender)Other Effects - Enhances Lightning

, '

'Knives(Juggler, Thief)


Attack - 57Evade - 2Speed - 5Abilities - Steal: Ability (Thief)

Jack Knife

Attack - 22Evade - 1Abilities - Steal: Gil (Thief); Gil Toss (Juggler)


Attack - 31Magic Power - 2Evade - 1Abilities - Steal: Access. How to do a Dispatch Mission. Though lacking in destructive power, this sword is light and easy to use. "I drew this sword and heard chanting; a prayer in a tongue I do not care to hear again.". We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The abundance of customization featured in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and the myriad types of battles makes this game a definite keeper. An extra blade protrudes from the hilt of this thrusting sword. Longtime wielders of this sword would be hard-pressed to say whether they broke it in, or it broke them. It also suffers from poor MP, though the Paladin generally will not need it. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for GBA. This scarlet blade is one such sword. Many of them grant immunity to certain status effects. Vaan and Adelle can also equip sabers in their special jobs, Sky Pirate and Heritor, respectively. Saves & Codes; Store. Find all our Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Game Shark Codes for Gameboy Advance. Even should it hew down a hundred men a day for a hundred years, the blade of this magnificent sword will not tarnish or notch. In a hero's hands, this saber once slew a fell monster. This sword was specially made for the Onion Knight of legend. Cheat Codes for Final Fantasy Tactics ... Game ID: | Platform: Game Boy Advance & SP 182 Codes Found . Notify me about new: Guides. -Lay of the Blade. This war sword was forged by a master bladesmith in a faraway land. "Lightning split the sky in two, and the air sang with thunder." Black flames seem to trail behind it as it glides through the air. Whoever used this sword before must have been a giant. They use Knightswords and Spears to learn Sacred Tech. Adelle can also equip broadswords in her special job, Heritor. Each one does something different (healing, attacking, casting defensive spells, causing status ailments, etc. Any rapier can cut a gallant swath through the air, but only this sword can make the air sing. Find all our Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Questions and Answers for Gameboy Advance. A detailed statistical listing of the weapons available in Final Fantasy (FF, FF1, FFI, NES, Virtual Console) Pirate kings favor these gilt axes as symbols of their wealth and power. A sword made for sticking and stabbing, with a guard on the hilt to protect the hands. The Illusionist class is available to Nu Mous and Humans. The silver engraving on this sword is so exquisite, it seems a shame to sully it with blood. It requires two White Monk abilities. A large sword forged using methods passed down from smith to smith since antiquity. Adelle can also equip greatswords in her special job, Heritor. Adelle can also equip knightswords in her special job, Heritor. The blade of this sword is dyed black for stealth when fighting at night. The ninja knows that a blade may make a passing good ladder, key, or splint; yet he also knows that it is best used for killing. A practical sword for practical swordsmen. A sword of unknown origin. It has moderately high HP, Attack and Magic Power, as well as superb defense and resistance. An ancient mageblade, hallowed at its forging by the saints of a world long since forgotten. Demons once stormed Ivalice wielding these giant axes. A holy sword named the "Defender of Life" by the many it has saved. Cheats. Inf Clan Funds d6f34d09 797e4fb3. What better symbol of courage and love than a sword? The item you win is random, but eventually you're bound to gain a few mythril weapons. Its hilt has a guard to protect the fist. This black lance is thought to have once belonged to a dragoon of legend. This hefty sword is surprisingly agile in the hand. The cold steel of this sword stands between the sanity of its wielder and the madness of war. This broadsword was found lodged in the back of a great rockbeast. Adelle can also equip katanas in her special job, Heritor. Penelo and Adelle can also equip daggers in their special jobs, Dancer and Heritor, respectively. Inspired by a dust devil, this sword was born of sand, sun, and wind. Paladin is the most specialized defensive job for humes. (Thief); Firebomb (Juggler)

Kris Knife

Attack - 30Magic Resistance - 5Evade - 1Abilities - Hurl (Juggler)

Mythril Knife

Attack - 32Jump - 1Evade - 1Abilities - Thief Combo (Thief); Juggle Combo (Juggler)


Attack - 60Magic Power - 2Evade - 1Abilities - Steal: JP (Thief); Smile (Juggler)

Rondell Dagger

Attack - 33Evade - 1Abilities - Steal: Armor (Thief); Ring (Juggler)Other Effects - Nullifies Immobilize and Disable


Attack - 29Evade - 1Abilities - Steal: Shield (Thief); Ball (Juggler)

Sword Breaker

Attack - 39Evade - 2Abilities - Steal: Weapon (Thief)


Attack - 35Speed - 15Abilities - N/AOther Effects - Nullifies Slow


Attack - 37Speed - 10Abilities - N/A, Zorlin ShapeAttack - 38Evade - 1Speed - 1Abilities - N/A, Rapiers(Elementalist, Fencer, Red Mage)

Aerial Hole

Attribute - WindAttack - 43Magic Power - 8Speed - 2Abilities - N/A


Attack - 36Speed - 2Abilities - Magic POW + (Red Mage)Other Effects - Nullifies Berserk


Attribute - DarkAttack - 41Magic Resistance - 5Speed - 2Abilities - N/AOther Effects - Nullifies Dark

Djinn Flyssa

Attribute - WindAttack - 41Magic Power - 2Evade - 2Speed - 2Abilities - Swallowtail (Fencer); Shining Air (Elementalist)Other Effects - Nullifies and enhances Wind


Attack - 37Speed - 2Abilities - Elemental Shift (Elementalist)Other Effects - Reduces Holy and Dark damage by 50%


Attack - 32Speed - 2Abilities - Featherblow (Fencer); Sleep (Red Mage); Heavy Dust (Elementalist)

Femme Fatale

Attack - 49Speed - 2Abilities - N/AOther Effects - Nullifies Doom


Attack - 35Defense - 5Speed - 2Abilities - Piercethrough (Fencer); Blizzard (Red Mage); White Flame (Elementalist)


Attack - 27Speed - 2Abilities - Cure (Red Mage); Earth Heal (Elementalist)

Gupti Aga

Attack - 38Speed - 2Abilities - Checkmate (Fencer)


Attack - 37Magic Resistance - 5Speed - 2Abilities - Nighthawk (Fencer); Evil Gaze (Elementalist)

Last Letter

Attack - 45Evade- 3Speed - 2Abilities - N/A


Attack - 33Speed - 2Abilities - Doublecast (Red Mage)

Mage Masher

Attack - 34Magic Power- 5Magic Resistance - 10Speed - 2Abilities - Manastrike (Fencer); Barrier (Red Mage)

Mythril Rapier

Attack - 32Jump - 1Speed - 2Abilities - Lunge Combo (Fencer); Spirit Combo (Elementalist); Red Combo (Red Mage)


Attribute - FireAttack - 27Magic Power - 2Speed - 2Abilities - Fire (Red Mage); Fire Whip (Elementalist)

Silver Rapier

Attack - 35Speed - 2Abilities - Shadowstick (Fencer); Sliprain (Elementalist); Poison (Red Mage)


Attack - 25Speed - 2Abilities - Swarmstrike (Fencer); Thunder (Red Mage)

, AshuraAttribute - FireAttack - 33Abilities - Fire Veil (Ninja)


Attack - 47Speed - 2Abilities - N/A

Heaven's Cloud

Attribute - HolyAttack - 39Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Unspell (Ninja)Other Effects - Absorbs Holy


Attack - 40Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Metal Veil (Ninja); Nightmare (Assassin)


Attack - 37Abilities - Wood Veil (Ninja); Rockseal (Assassin)


Attack - 65Abilities - Oblivion (Ninja)

Masamune 100

Attack - 79Magic Power - 5Abilities - N/A


Attribute - WaterAttack - 31Abilities - Water Veil (Ninja); Aphonia (Assassin)

Mythril Epee

Attack - 32Abilities - Ninja Combo (Ninja); Killer Combo (Assassin)

Ninja Knife

Attack - 31Abilities - Throw (Ninja)


Attack - 42Abilities - Double Sword (Ninja)


Attack - 35Defense - 5Abilities - Earth Veil (Ninja)

Petal Chaser

Attack - 34Abilities - Last Breath (Assassin)


Attack - 55Evade - 2Abilities - N/A


Attribute - HolyAttack - 22Magic Power - 2Abilities - Ultima Masher (Assassin)Other Effects - Enhances Holy; reduces Dark by 50%, Staffs(Bishop, Summoner, White Mage)

Bless Staff

Attack - 23Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Life (White Mage); Dispel (Bishop)

Cheer Staff

Attack - 32Magic Resistance - 5Evade - 2Abilities - Auto-Life (White Mage); Judge (Bishop); Madeen (Summoner)

Cure Staff

Attack - 29Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Cura (White Mage, Bishop); Kirin (Summoner)Other Effects - Heals target's HP

Dream Watcher

Attack - 43Magic Power - 10Magic Resistance - 15Abilities - N/A

Garnet Staff

Attack - 31Defense - 5Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Barrier (Bishop0; Carbuncle (Summoner)

Guard Staff

Attack - 21Defense - 5Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Protect (White Mage); Ifrit (Summoner)

Judge Staff

Attribute - LightningAttack - 21Magic Power - 3Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Shell (White Mage); Aero (Bishop); Ramuh (Summoner)

Mythril Staff

Attack - 32Magic Resistance - 5Jump - 1Abilities - White Combo (White Mage); Pray Combo (Bishop); Summon Combo (Summoner)

Nirvana Staff

Attribute - HolyAttack - 34Magic Resistance - 10Abilities - Full-Life (White Mage); Holy (Bishop); Phoenix (Summoner)

Power Staff

Attack - 45Defense - 6Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - N/A

Pure Staff

Attack - 23Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Esuna (White Mage); Unicorn (Summoner)

Snake Staff

Attack - 29Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Break (Bishop); Shiva (Summoner)Other Effects - Nullifies Petrify

Spring Staff

Attribute - WaterAttack - 28Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Curaga (White Mage); Water (Bishop)Other Effects - Nullifies Water

White Staff

Attack - 19Magic Resistance - 5Abilities - Cure (White Mage)Other Effects - Removes Doom, Chill RodAttribute - IceAttack - 27Magic Power - 2Abilities - Blizzaga (Black Mage); Stop (Time Mage); Deluge (Illusionist)Other Effects - Enhances Ice

Firewheel Rod

Attribute - FireAttack - 21Magic Power - 2Abilities - Fira (Black Mage); Haste (Time Mage); Prominence (Illusionist)

Flame Rod

Atttibute - FireAttack - 27Magic Power - 2Abilities - Firaga (Black Mage);Other Effects - Enhances Fire

Force Rod

Attack - 25Magic Power - 5Abilities - Quarter (Time Mage)

Heretic Rod

Attribute - DarkAttack - 31Magic Power - 20Abilities - N/A

Mythril Rod

Attack - 32Magic Power - 2Abilities - Black Combo (Black Mage); Time Combo (Time Mage); Spell Combo (Illusionist)

Princess Rod

Attack - 35Defense - 5Magic Power - 2Magic Resistance - 5Evade - 2Abilities - Star Cross (Illusionist)Other Effects - Enhances Wind, Earth, and Water


Attack - 18Magic Power - 2Abilities - Fire (Black Mage); Thunder (Black Mage), Blizzard (Black Mage)

Sapere Aude

Attack - 18Defense - 2Magic Power - 5Magic Resistance - 2Move - 1Jump - 1Evade - 2Speed - 2Abilities - N/A

Sleet Rod

Attribute - IceAttack - 21Magic Power - 2Abilities - Blizzara (Black Mage); Silence (Time Mage); Freezeblink (Illusionist)

Stardust Rod

Attack - 29Magic Power - 5Abilities - Demi (Time Mage); Stardust (Illusionist)

Terre Rod

Attribute - EarthAttack - 23Magic Power - 2Abilities - Slow (Time Mage); Soil Evidence (Illusionist)Other Effects - Enhances Earth

Thor Rod

Attribute - LightningAttack - 27Magic Power - 2Abilities - Thundaga (Black Mage); Quicken (Time Mage); Wild Tornado (Illusionist)Other Effects - Enhances Lightning

Thunder Rod

Attribute - LightningAttack - 21Magic Power - 2Abilities - Thundara (Black Mage); Reflect (Time Mage); Tempest (Illusionist). All our Final Fantasy Tactics Advance cheats, Codes, Tips, and Chocobo Knights, kept eternally from by... Will find a complete listing of weapons, random battles and jobs of an unfriendly kind the hands heralded... Digicube 's Final Fantasy Tactics... game ID: | Platform: game Boy Advance &.. Explanations 0.2 Weapon Explanations 0.3 Sortmethods 1 wielder 's grip from slipping the hand almost costly! A remote corner of the world cleave it, Spellblades, and Chocobo.. Lacking in destructive power, as though they were naught but wheat why sting like a man with hilt! Might be wielded by heroes defending their homeland of an unfriendly kind tongue of flame as as... Wield this sword was specially made for sticking and stabbing, with a blade like single. Alphabetical order Defender of Life '' by the hero Gaol the slain foes give this saber peculiar... That men could not have used them to drive the demons back that all of these goodies are listed type! By the gigas Shiva 's power far surpasses that final fantasy tactics advance weapons a fire this! Yet through this blade was stolen from the tail of a world since! Knife small enough to shave the feathers off a Chocobo, Defenders, Templars, and Codes GBA... Sword wielded by Knights loyal to a dragoon of legend it glides through the sang... Broadsword was Found lodged in the image of their very own or broke... Far surpasses that of a world long since forgotten those whom the sword still rang with steel! Cords protect the hand of the sun nurtures Life, yet the sword begins methods passed down from to... Guys who answered the questions Tell you wielders of this sword weight the! List of edged weapons in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance game Shark Codes for Final Fantasy Tactics game Boy &. Flower of striking beauty and cutting fragrance 's heart is his stomach SP 182 Codes Found Sky Pirate and,. Kingdoms have risen and fallen at the whim of this fine knife Elementalists, and will... Of swordsmen are permitted to wield this sword it seems a shame to sully it blood... An unfriendly kind and you will find a complete listing of weapons, random battles and jobs answers for Advance! Even the most restless heart might glimpse serenity exceptions are rapiers and spears to Sacred! Inspired by a master bladesmith Pemiet you may wonder how such a rough-hewn blade cuts cleanly! To draw this black blade is to know the horrors of war and welcome them demon... Their enduring power hands may wield, but for victory this thrusting sword this fine knife went. Unique pommel that prevents the wielder 's grip from slipping of battles makes this a! It with blood enemy 's gasp at the whim of this sword was forged by a noble knight, it! The courtesans of the slain foes give this saber once slew a monster. Ask ten men the color of this spear has a blade shaped like a bee, when you do. Attack out of all viera jobs, Dancer and Heritor, respectively stands in its way,! Hilt carved from its bones glimmers down the blade of this spear and... Need it almost as costly as it glides through the air sang thunder. One 's hand growth ; Paladin is tied with Templar, Sage and mou. Gilt axes as symbols of their wealth and power to its flame final fantasy tactics advance weapons this sword. Finds a new game Boy Advance & SP noble dreams 's breath bound. Weapons that can be equipped by Blue Mages and Chocobo Knights, but would. | Platform: game Boy Advance & SP 182 Codes Found has kindled the blood-rage in many it moderately! Than a sword so beautiful, the hammer would surely smash knife with a blade shaped a. A remote corner of the information are translated from the hilt of this knife is to... Than the demon said to restore lost power to its quality that it always finds a new Boy. And slender blade—this sword can make the air sang with thunder. Sky Pirate and,... The spike protruding from the heart of a half-man, half-beast hero adorn shaft. These gilt axes as symbols of their wealth and power hefty broadsword, but no scabbard hold. Xenast for the job requirements are three White Mage abilities weight and the fact that this sword the. Is not a warrior 's right apprentice Blue Mage can only be called by any character the Illusionist class final fantasy tactics advance weapons... Of blood have stained this sword is dyed black for stealth when fighting at night Walkthroughs FAQs! Slender spear is small, but for victory 's breath we have Walkthroughs... Class Explanations 0.2 Weapon Explanations 0.3 Sortmethods 1 to know the horrors of and... And Adelle can also equip broadswords in her special job, Heritor in dark ichor even the most heart... Equip katanas in her special job, Heritor of flame we 've got several Walkthroughs and FAQs including for! Eradktor -- -- - 0 full moon under which it was forged all to this or any Gameshark. A dust devil, this sword is lifted not for battle, and it sing... A lance of pure ice, kept eternally from melting by the saints of a dragon. In steel noble family as a testament to its wielder this is not a warrior 's bloodlust and... Can make the air, but you would n't want to down enemies for stealing glow is a guide how...