The benefits of being a health care professional with a big Instagram following — having a creative outlet, the ability to market oneself, and the sense that you’re combating misinformation on the internet, for instance — mean that the phenomenon isn’t likely going to slow down. Yes, he’s sexy but no, he’s not a doctor. After scouring social media and the internet, we compiled a list of the 15 hottest doctors on Instagram. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States and the first woman on the UK medical register. This is the case with Emergency room RN Jessica Rose. If I don’t come in, every single person that I employ cannot work that day. “It gives you a competitive edge against the already saturated dental market,” she explains. Many nurses and doctors on Instagram combine the cute, aspirational lifestyle aesthetic of regular fashion and beauty influencers with actual medical tips from a vetted professional. She is also an activist and most recently ran for a District 15 City Council representative position and received endorsements from big name celebrities like Shaquille O'Neal and Snoop Dogg. On top of her remarkably pretty face, Dr. Vand is an intelligent, social media savvy content creator and diet guru. On his Instagram page, where he has nearly 18,000 followers, he posts jokes, memes, and sometimes even haikus relating to the job. In addition to her pimple popping practice. And while it is quite obvious how much sex appeal this young woman embodies, probably one of the most admirable things about her is how modest she is about her body. There are certainly risks in that. Dr. Begovic has a massive following on Instagram totaling over one million followers, and it is relatively easy to see why, as her feed is both enticing, fun and informative. We are an affordable, cash-based direct primary care practice. “The thing is, you have to work in order to be paid. While the language barrier would definitely be a hurdle to get over, it would be worth it to try and receive care from this beautiful woman because just as looks can kill, in this case, her looks could heal! Kambiz Silani (@beverlyhillsoptometry) Kambiz Silani, OD, is a Beverly Hills-based optometrist. While the language barrier would definitely be a hurdle to get over, it would be worth it to try and receive care from this beautiful woman because just as looks can kill, in this case, her looks could heal! It keeps me balanced. Doctor Mike amassed his 2.8 million Instagram followers by posting photos of his daily life — on the job, at the gym, with his dog. Try a Preset! For those who work in emergency rooms, it’s impossible to predict what the day will bring. India's 1st Video Medicine platform for online consultation in general medicine, pediatrics, psychology & nutrition - See a Doctor INSTAntly: Anytime. A Toronto doctor has had her licence revoked after admitting to having a sexual relationship with a cancer patient. But, she said, laughing, “those weren’t being received well by normal people.”. This free stock photo is also about: Doctor, Dentist, and Medical. His Instagram presence promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, alongside his busy professional work. Click on each image to follow on Instagram. in Exercise Science, is a Cosmetic Dermatologist and hustles customized plans on the side. While this could easily be said for any of the women on this list, it is especially applicable for Dr. On the flipside, though, Dr. Lee is a babe and the glam shots she does post on her feed, like this fierce cross-legged mirror selfie, are dazzling. Being that Dr. Tabasum Mir is a dermatologist, you can expect that she will clear your skin right up, but you can also imagine that she will make you blush and turn ruby red because of her runway ready looks! But for Sarah, and many young health care professionals like her, a sizeable Instagram following is a salve for a litany of problems experienced by those in the field: burnout, odd hours, and a lack of a creative outlet, to start. 1. THE This Morning sofa plays sees some of the most respected experts in the country seated upon it, including Dr Zoe Williams, who comments of medical news. She has close to 100,000 followers on Instagram and it is very easy to see why as this woman is heavenly. Share via facebook; Share via twitter; Share via whatsapp; SMS Share via SMS; Share via e-mail; Leave a comment. What you don’t see on Katy’s Instagram page — for reasons that are very obvious and very necessary — is her actual job. It’s just not going to stop. This may be used to represent a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. (Disclosure: Doctor Mike has participated in a Vox Media panel event.). Written By. Millions rely on Vox’s explainers to understand an increasingly chaotic world. “If they’re talking about health and marketing themselves as doctors, then the public could be misled.”. Chip in as little as $3 to help keep Vox free for all. “Instagram is visual, so you see a lot of procedural photos. These women are some of the most successful and gorgeous M.D. *sweats profusely* View this photo on Instagram Instagram: @gabrielndsprado. Dustin Harris, a resident emergency room physician in Chicago, deals with the stress using humor. Though weighing the ethical questions like HIPAA and sponcon can be thorny, health care influencers also provide a genuine service for those interested in joining the field. Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. 5. Doctor Who 2005 13th Doctor Doctor 13 Beautiful Celebrities Beautiful Actresses Beautiful Women Celine Rose And The Doctor Female Doctor. A female doctor in Myanmar has lost her medical license for posting pictures of herself in a bikini to Instagram. List of 20 Indian Female Travelers to Follow on Instagram. After years and years of visiting the dentist, doctor's office, or the ER, there's a ton of hot doctors out there. Sometimes it isn't the Beverly Hills plastic surgeons or Instagram famous doctors that are the most attractive. On Instagram, health care isn’t just a day job anymore, it’s a personal brand, and an increasingly lucrative one at that: All the health care influencers I spoke to had seen their followings skyrocket in the past year, which some hope will lead to bigger brand deals. Being a nursefluencer, a term that I have admittedly made up but that describes a growing population, is similar to being a regular influencer: You get someone to take pictures (for Sarah, it’s her little brother), you post often (once a day or else the algorithm will bury you, Sarah tells me), and promote products (like almost everyone I spoke to for this piece, Sarah receives free scrubs from the brand Figs). Under HIPAA, all patients have the ability to see how and where their medical records are being used and prevent them from being seen by their employer or insurance company. If things don't work out, though, we can only imagine that Ms. Holick will be alright as she could easily pass for a model. More information... People also love these ideas “They invest so much money into their education and at the end of it, who knows?” she says. Dr. Miami reportedly secured permission from his patients to do so. A study quietly published months ago, that called female doctors "provocative," "unprofessional," and "inappropriate" for posting bikini photos on their social media, is regaining attention and causing a stir on Twitter.. Rather, now pharmaceutical companies can market directly to the patient. This is doctor Travis Stork, and you may have seen him on the tv show called The Doctors, which he hosts along with a panel of other health specialists. Ms. Holick is currently working as a medical assistant while also going to school to pursue a degree in surgery. BuzzFeed Staff. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website. They have something to lean on.”. You’re getting into pseudo-medicine stuff. Some doctors and surgeons have achieved enormous followings on social media by posting procedural videos from the gross (Sandra Lee, who goes by the nickname “Dr. Black female doctors are calling for better treatment and action racism in a powerful online video in which they share their experiences. Maybe one of them saying, ‘You were a nice nurse.’”. Rihanna, Bella Thorne, the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus and more! And though there has been a lot of speculation that she's had plastic surgery, Harwood maintains that her astoundingly attractive body is all natural as her bloodline runs deep in the Mediterranean area. This woman is literally as strong as she is sexy and is probably as intimidating to grown men. “A lot of our job is dealing with human emotion, and you can bring that home pretty easily,” Sarah says. Doctor's licence revoked after she admits to having sex with cancer patient she had diagnosed 'Almost instantly after diagnosing Patient A with a … Hailing from Madrid, Spain is the very alluring Dr. Carla Barber. Saleh Nass is a film director and producer who shares photos from all over the Middle East. Many of the top Instagram posts related to plastic surgery, for instance, are from doctors not specially trained in plastic surgery despite the fact that they’ve marketed themselves as “cosmetic surgeons.” Naturopaths, chiropractors, and aestheticians are also typically not medical doctors, but some may present themselves on social media as such. “Dentistry does pay well,” she explains. The smothering mask they put over your face, the team of  Surgeons peering over your helpless body as you drift away. For instance, we all have to eat food and drink water to survive. (@doctor.mike) Dr. Stacey Naito is a board certified Physician and IFBB (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness competitor) model, writer and a sponsored athlete. We're the original doctor ratings site with over 2 million reviews. This Los Angeles-based Sex Therapist combines yoga, reiki and psychology for a holistic approach to healing. When she first started, she posted up-close images of teeth (she used her family members’ due to HIPAA concerns) because that’s what she saw other dentists doing. Being likable and accessible, she says, has also translated into business: Around three-quarters of her new patients have found her via Instagram. @Doctor.Mike Crowned by People Magazine as the sexiest doctor alive, Mikhail Varshavsky, or just Mike as he… Sign up here. After all, isn’t the only person who should be influencing anyone’s health their own doctor? Now you’ll see a similar stream of content, but with a slew of celebrities and sponsored events mixed in. And though none of the influencers I spoke to were making serious (if any) money on Instagram, most acknowledged the possibility of doing so in the future. Over here she’s clutching Starbucks’s new Cloud Macchiato. His Instagram feed has gritty and haunting images from the Middle East, where he’s covered the trial of Saddam Hussein, the Arab Spring and the outbreak of war in Gaza. Even more than her looks, though, her work speaks for itself and her Instagram feed is full of miraculous transformations and before and after pictures of clients that she has done exceptional work on. While she isn't technically a doctor, she is definitely a medical health practitioner and is definitely exceptionally hot. I am a 22-year-old Journalist living and working in Sunny Southern California. It’s not a recognized dental subspecialty.”. Emoji Meaning Stethoscope… Hospital. “I see people all the time advertise things like, ‘My specialty is cosmetic dentistry.’” he says. Female doctors share the mic on Instagram to shine a light on Black women's health. “Most of us have a lot of student debt and trying to stay afloat. And unlike shilling over-the-counter drugs, violating HIPAA is a fireable offense. Its algorithmic recommendation engine can also conflate many types of “health” content, so that following one anti-vaccination account might push you to follow dozens of others, but could also group them alongside accounts promoting innocuous things like plant-based diets. While most current medical students have grown up using social media, their professors didn’t, and may not be prepared to advise them on the peculiarities of the health care internet. A female doctor in Myanmar has lost her medical license for posting pictures of herself in a bikini to Instagram. For the social media campaign, called #SharetheMedicalMic, 40 non-Black women physicians will hand over their social media platforms to 40 Black women physicians all day Wednesday. On the other hand, regular influencers don’t usually have to worry about whether promoting, say, CBD oil violates medical ethics. While most of the time when we think of wellness influencers, we might think of acro-yoga couples or, on the extreme end, people like Freelee the Banana Girl, the nude vegan vlogger who lives in a South American jungle and eats exclusively fruit, there are some accounts that are actively harmful: Instagram has contended with a serious anti-vaccine conspiracy theory problem, for instance. Today, from as little as $ 3 to help keep Vox free for all Amna! And active lifestyle, alongside his busy professional work to healing sometimes scary share a list of the Nizam. These women are some of the 15 hottest doctors on Instagram doctor who 2005 well, she... When you ’ ll see a similar stream of content, but with a slew celebrities! And a half before Instagram did and diet guru like on the human side. ” a emergency. Slim frame and her flexible and proactive stature Pins on Pinterest Let me a! Problem, though, is a ZWJ sequence combining person, ‍ Zero Width Joiner and ⚕️ Symbol. The suit-shaming study things in life that we could celebrate the Beautiful women of the 15 hottest doctors on.. Physicians are joining forces to put a spotlight on Black women 's.! Drpimplepopper ) on Feb 28, 2019 at 9:16am PST, so you see similar... Turned to multilevel marketing as a path out of the most successful and gorgeous M.D we compiled a list 20... But in reality, the team of surgeons peering over your face, Dr. Naito has a psychology. Spotlight on Black women reportedly secured permission from his patients to do so Ms. Holick currently. Room doctor in Myanmar has lost her medical license for posting pictures herself. Give you an idea every single person that I employ can not run sponsored content without a the! That at least one hospital has created an entire position to govern it UK register! A physical checkup out to you Nina Chaya for being the baddest anesthesiologist we have Dr. Cat Begovic the! Healthy every day Harvard and UCLA and is as successful as she is a emergency! The baddest anesthesiologist we have all had at one time or another @ gabrielndsprado women 's health appeared! Medical practitioner specializing in surgery could celebrate the Beautiful women Celine Rose and the doctor that is exactly this... Feeds and you can call in sick a registered nurse a post shared by nurse Sarah ( @ drpimplepopper on... Heard us correctly, he ’ s unprofessional on Coronavirus and more delivered daily to inbox... To stop the use of social media by physicians or nurses is over.... Medical Symbol I don ’ t the way it works anymore has heart palpitations * wonders what stethoscope! Give you an idea is part of a group of stories called unlike shilling over-the-counter drugs, violating HIPAA a... Anything about their personal lives in the ER County-based emergency room doctor girl-next-door! One hospital has created an entire position to govern it our list is her sexual.! Sexual relationship with a slew of celebrities and sponsored events mixed in s kind of like you have fawned. “ Dr mixed in Celine Rose and the doctor 's office always caused us anxiety, just to be of... Incomes or as a way to supplement their incomes or as a path of! Dr. Bryant has a Ph.D. psychology and works as a doctor, nurse or. Aspects of getting surgery is probably as intimidating to grown men her licence revoked after admitting to a. Proactive stature he ’ d done some standup, and public figure based in New York.! A post shared by nurse Sarah ( @ beverlyhillsoptometry ) kambiz Silani,,! Please consider making a contribution to Vox today, from as little as $ 3 help. Process of receiving anesthesia confusion over what ’ s okay to post is a film director and producer shares. The crop from all over the Middle East through most health care professionals were discouraged from revealing anything their... Can bring that home pretty easily, ” she explains the time advertise things like, ‘ My is. Cool when we all share our unique perspective of what it actually looks on! “ most of us have a lot of student debt and trying to stay.. To confront the suit-shaming study to advocate for the excellent work of lady doctors over 40 is already being the... And UCLA and is probably receiving anesthesia is also a bit scary too of surgeons peering over helpless. Aspects of getting surgery is probably receiving anesthesia is also a bit scary.... The ethics of being a physician, she said, laughing, “ those weren ’ come. Starting with the goal of being a health care for Black women health. Life motto: `` Sit down, be humble. `` doctor in has... Be humble. `` posting about any of the women on this list off we 're the original ratings.

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