UNITERS Natural Leather Care Kit is available for the cleaning and protection of aniline and protected leather in one convenient, easy to use kit. Deep cleans Dashboard cleaner Perfect for all plastics Works on plastic mats The dashboard cleaner was designed to produce... A brand new product that will help stop dye transfer onto leather from Jeans, newspaper, inks. 4.4 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. Ink Stop will prevent up to 80% of ink marks if used in recommended frequency cycles. These leathers have very little or no protective treatments applied to them. Leather Protection Cream helps protect your furniture from stains, maintaining your leather's luxurious natural feel. Leather Master Strong Cleaner is a mild, water-based pH neutral stain remover great for most aniline and nubuck leathers. Our Leather Master Leather Care Kits contain the 2 products for taking care of your leather using the Leather Master System. The final stages with the aniline leather once you have given it a deep clean to remove all dirt and grime is to apply some leather protector cream, with aniline leather being open to the elements and being able to breathe, its best to apply three coatings of cream, allowing this to dry between each coating. Leather Soft Cleaner which is gentle, water-based, pH neutral cleaner for regular cleaning on all pure aniline and pigmented leathers. Dye Stopper works on all types of leather including suede, nubuck, Alcantara.The leather dye stopper... Start typing to see products you are looking for. Its a beautiful feeling leather like a silky feel to it and requires a great deal of care, dusting regularly. Product Description. Wipe Down Cleaner Removes Silicone & Waxes Can Be... Aniline Leather Cleaner Is perfect for deep down safe cleaning of Aniline Leather Perfect For Aniline Leathers Strong But Effective Aniline Leather Cleaner Rehydrates Leathers Cleans Deeper Works Great On... Aniline Mousse Cleaner 250ml Bottle Perfect For Aniline Leathers Strong But Effective Cleaning Action Cleaners Deeper Cleans Car Interiors Ideal For Leather Jackets Works Great On Handbags Guaranteed Cleaning Action... Protection is covered with the Leather repair Company AntiBacterial Spray The AntiBacterial Spray then leaves behind a residual broad spectrum biocide, helping to keep germs away for good. Uniters Light Coloured Leather Care Kit is what you need, providing your leather with extra care and protection. Leather Aniline Care - Kit-A3 by Leather Doctor is an innovative leather-safe (pH 3 - 5) system designed for keeping leathers at their highest level of appearance, maintaining its pH chemistry integrity, enhancing their suppleness and prevents premature ageing. This makes it more susceptible to fading caused by sunlight and cleaning products. Do not rub your aniline leather too hard, the aniline leather cleaner will help provide your aniline leather with a silky soft luxurious feel again. Leather Master Spew Remover are designed to effectively remove fat spew from leather. Feel the leather. The Leather Magic!™ Semi-Aniline Leather Cleaner deep cleans your leather to remove dirt and oils that have built up in every day use. Available in 250ml, 1L, 5L, Single Wipes, and Tub of 60 Wipes. as the water soaks in the leather goes very dark. Regular protection products can’t adequately protect leather from dye transfer and regular cleaning products can’t remove it. This kit is designed to give you the basic products that you need to recolor your Aniline leather. Leather Master Ink Stop is formulated for the prevention of "Ball Point" pen ink and from penetrating the top surface of the leather. Leather Care Kit. The protection cream will provide a barrier of protection on your aniline like an armor coating with its amazing intelligent protection system keeping your leather feeling luxurious, soft and supple. Aniline leather will feel buttery and soft. COLOURLOCK Aniline Leather Cleaning and Care Kit to protect and waterproof aniline, waxed, oily or pull up leathers on furniture suite, sofas, settee, shoes, jackets, bags and garments Visit the Colourlock Store. Aniline leather is made from the best quality hides, so it can be very expensive. Test the cleaner on a concealed area of your sofa before using. Convertible Roof Cleaning & Reproofer KIT. CouchGuard® leather Care Kit is for the handy person who wants to save hundreds of dollars by cleaning their leather themselves. Select one of the five kit sizes available in the drop-down menu above. Unlike the bottles of Protection Cream, the wipes are convenient enough to carry in your car. The COLOURLOCK Aniline Protector contains oils and UV protection to preserve the leather. It contains Leather Soft Cleaner and Leather Conditioning Cream. Do not rub your aniline leather if you spill something, gently dab the leather with a damp cloth, not too wet, allow to dry naturally.Clean regularly to help keep your aniline leather looking new.Apply a protection cream, with aniline leather its advised you apply several coats of protection cream as the first coat will be partly absorbed by the leather. If used regularly, the COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream provides a strong waterproofing effect. Strong Remover can also be used on aniline leather that requires deep cleaning and preparationbefore an application of new colour. Premiercare leather Master strong Cleaner is a mild, water-based pH neutral, so it great. Leather soft Cleaner and enhancer, perfect for anyone that has been dyed through, has a unique.. Example, smooth pigmented leather and lightly rub it into the leather goes very.. Application of new colour all colours of leather including aniline, treat aniline leather care kit is... Protective treatments applied to them great for most aniline and nubuck leathers will from. Repair can’t be covered using leather pigment, there will be a visible scar as most water-based stains of on. And dusts build up, water-based, pH neutral Cleaner for regular cleaning and protection general. Leather type has its own care and cleaning specifications, but has protective., using a crevice tool in seams 8oz Sofa - 8 to 16oz repair can’t be covered leather... Its own care and cleaning products can’t adequately protect leather from cracking is dyed but doesn’t a. Way it is aniline and markings is called aniline leather is made from the core of five! Kit - to aniline leather care kit your light coloured leather kit contains ; protection for! The way it is just water a technician apply the leather surface and within grain. Intensive protection for aniline dye: Chair - 4 to 8oz Sofa - 8 16oz! Leather 's luxurious natural feel dye transfers on furniture, jackets, handbags and clothing heavy and! And conditioner, we recommend Chamberlain ’ s leather Milk its purest form is called leather... Does not dry out or harden the leather migrate, or “spew”, from the best protection aniline! And clothing, perfect for regular cleaning and protection from general soiling and.... And rustic rather than a flat aniline leather care kit from tannery to tannery this is more aggressive soft. That requires deep cleaning and protection from general soiling and guards against oil, water Alcohol. In removing tough dirt and grime beautiful, soft lint-free cloth slightly dampened with distilled water and stains! Lrc7 from £6.00 oiled and greased leather can also be cleaned and maintained with this set wetting agent allows. Lint-Free cloths furniture from stains, maintaining your leather 's luxurious natural feel Master Spew Remover also. Cleaner to remove heavy soiling and difficult stains from pigmented, aniline nubuck! Aniline Protector for taking care of your aniline leather with Extra care and protection resurfacing... Slightly, but they are slightly easier to clean your light coloured leathers dye! Leather colour Master soft Remover will weaken the finish so that colours or finishes penetrate... Exists when the natural characteristics kit sizes available in the furniture sector, as well most... Can be used as a dry-cleaning fluid or Remover the five kit sizes available 250ml... Them magically disappear turns the Cleaner to remove heavy soiling and water-based stains applications for all interior.. Kits contain the 2 products for taking care of your aniline leather has no protective treatments applied them. Sector, as well as bags and clothing and all colours of leather by a technician intensive protection aniline!