1-2 Week Medical Spanish Immersion in Ecuador, Attend 20hrs medical Spanish & general Spanish classes each week (Mon – Fri), Learn about access to healthcare and standards of care for the mainstream society and those who live in poverty so that you gain perspective, Provide preventative health care education in conjunction with existing local efforts in these communities in order to help without hurting, 3-6 Week Combo Medical Spanish Immersion Programs in Ecuador and Costa Rica, Fly in to Quito (UIO) and out of San Jose (SJO), Stay with a local host families in each country. Work hard Monday through Friday on your Spanish and take a break on the weekends! If you would like to get fully immersed in the Spanish language, experience our culture, and get as much exposure as possible to the Latin American way of life, then a home stay with a local host family is the way to go. We were actually the first Immersion Spanish Institute in the world to offer Medical Spanish. They are led by Spanish teachers focused on your Spanish language proficiency growth! Most people think you must travel abroad to have a true Spanish immersion experience. … Best Medical Spanish immersion program for healthcare: Earn CME & CE, Daily Spanish Classes, Health Education w/ Underserved, Host Family Stay, Learn more! Bilingüitos exists to encourage and equip families who desire to give the gift of bilingualism to their children. If, however, we have the opportunity provide primary care to patients, we take special caution. You can reach Panama City (PTY) through direct flights from over 15 cities in the USA, 7 in Canada, 6 European cities and almost every single major city in Latin America. ... hip hotels. High School Spanish Immersion Programs in Costa Rica & Ecuador, International Rotations for Healthcare Bocas del Toro is Panama's #1 beach town and its magic will certainly enchant you: you won't want to leave! For example, it will always be underneath the supervision of a local healthcare worker and his/her organization. Rates for medical Spanish classes go from $175 - $575 USD per week. When we explore with the group, we commit to speaking Spanish on the weekend as well to keep the immersion alive. It’s true that immersion is the best way to learn. Thr AEC Medical Spanish program lasts four weeks with medically specific classroom studies, medical exercises, and clinical visitations. Otavalo is a mountainous community famous for its indigenous population and indigenous market. In short, it will be our pleasure to help you make a well-informed decision on which program will be best for you. Costs are given itemized as there are multiple lodging options to choose from, and some medical Spanish students might decide or not to join an internship or certain eco-adventure tours. With all the amenities and conveniences of an international city, Panama City's main attractions take the form of Casco Viejo's tastefully renovated colonial neighborhood, its modern skyline bordered by the Panama Canal, the Pacific Ocean and dense tropical rainforest, Central America's trendiest restaurants and most sophisticated nightlife, world class shopping with brands from all over the globe, and as a doorway to the country's top eco-adventure destinations: Boquete and Bocas del Toro. When you travel with Common Ground is that you are not on your own. However, they all focus on bringing health education & healthcare to the poor and under-served in several different communities around Costa Rica and Ecuador. The medical Spanish immersion program in Peru is the fastest way for you learn and improve medical Spanish skills. With people from every single part of the world, the vibe in Panama City is one of rich diversity and mixture of cultures, which certainly makes for a unique experience when visiting Central America's most modern city. This isn’t something I would’ve been able to overcome without this immersion program. Medical Interpreter Training Not even half-way through the trip I knew I couldn’t wait to share my experience with my colleagues and encourage them to attend. Cooking facilities are available for volunteers and staff staying on base for a quiet weekend to prepare their own food; often volunteers and staff stay at hostels in Bocas town Friday and/or Saturday night to enjoy Bocas' night life). In fact, every trip beginners thank us for allowing them to participate because they can’t believe how much progress they’ve made with their Spanish. What's Included. 29. Preparation is one of the key elements of our Mission Statement for responsible international medical work. We put together group travel options for you on the weekends that you can join, or you can venture off on your own. Regardless of your level of Spanish, this trip is right for you!! We typically have 4 meetings in the 2-4 months preceding a program that systematically help you prepare for your travel. Baselang is my favorite online Spanish course and the one that would lead to fluency the quickest. Tropical Suites is built directly over turquoise Caribbean waters, with 16 guest suites, a three bedroom Presidential Penthouse, and a Luxury Studio Apartment. Here is how we do it: We understand that traveling alone isn’t for everyone, there is safety and peace of mind when you have others checking in with you day after day. Every aspect of the program focuses on language development. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Yoga classes in Bocas del Toro cost $5 - $10 USD per class. Our programs in Costa Rica are based in Santo Domingo de Heredia. Students in this program will earn 6 credits of Spanish language while completing 60 hours of clinical rotations at the Hospital Fleni. At Cachamsi, Medical Spanish is taught by linguistics experts in Medical Spanish, designed for novice to native speakers, geared towards improving Spanish-speaking patient care and satisfaction globally. * Floating Doctors' $100 USD Application Fee is waived for Habla Ya students. Follow our Immersions around the World. Books At Habla Ya Spanish Schools we simply love to have fun! Student Travel Programs in Costa Rica & Ecuador This is ethically less complicated for local communities and local health systems and it’s actually more effective for your Spanish communication skills. 1-5 Week Medical Spanish Immersion Programs in Costa Rica: Work with children and their families on general health and hygiene practices. Founded in 1992 the Language Exchange is a community of open-minded people interested in traveling, understanding cultures, and one word at a time establishing lifelong relationships with speakers of other languages. Bilingual Spanish Certification for Healthcare Translation & Interpretation, Common Ground International Language Services, Learn Spanish - Learn English - Spanish Immersion - Translation (888) 879-2575. For longer stays or even more independence, a rental of Valle Escondido's vacation villas or condos can also be arranged. Its immense variety of outdoor adventures make Boquete a superb place to study Spanish surrounded by nature. With a full service spa, a 9 hole executive golf course, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis and racquetball courts, and first class restaurants, Valle Escondido will certainly keep you entertained after your daily Spanish classes, eco-adventure tours and/or volunteer projects. If you feel that conversation & speaking is your biggest weakness, join Intercambio today to launch your Spanish conversational skills! I’m able to actually have a fluid conversation in Spanish and it’s so wonderful. Why does learning medical Spanish even matter? Boquete is a charming mountain town with a wonderful sense of community. Spanish Classes + Lodging + Internship + Extra Activities! We strongly believe that improving your Spanish proficiency is key to providing enhanced service to your Spanish-only patients in your home community, so we don’t turn people away at any level. The best way to learn a language like Spanish is to study it in the country where it’s spoken and experiencing culture immersion. Prices include: • Airport pick up and drop off • Accommodation with two meals per day • Hospital Placement for elective participants • 24-hour onsite support • Gym membership with dance classes included • Daily transport to and from the hospital for elective participants • Local cell phone number • Weekly community health fairs • Medical Spanish book and all course materials If you're looking for a bit more peace and quiet, then you can't go wrong with Hostal Garden or Hostal Gaia in Boquete. For more information about tours in Panama, and complete pricing info click here. Oceans, mountains, jungles, politics, economics, and bigotry separate our patients from their basic human right of ACCESS to care, so we come to our patients' communities and to their homes, traveling by boat, by foot, by dugout canoe, horse, and rescue panga. Since our work is primarily educational, nothing is REQUIRED. We start off the week with several chilled out activities and then we move on to more party style entertainment: Several extra activities are free of charge, such as our movie nights, salsa lessons and conversational sessions. Our custom pre-departure course is an amazingly effective online course that connects you with your fellow travelers and prepares you for every single detail – including culture shock! There is access to Wi-Fi, showers and other basic amenities. Being able to communicate quickly and directly with your patients and/or their families can make a whole world of difference between providing a high quality level of care or not. If you're on a budget and would like to easily be able to socialize with fellow travelers after having Spanish lessons and Yoga all day long, then a budget hostel is for you. Learn Spanish for Free Family homestays and the best hotels in each location for various budgets... submit your Home Stay Interview with as much as anticipation as possible, suite or bungalow at the Valle Escondido Resort. ... Top Rated Eyeglasses in Bolton Medical & Health Care in New Jersey: Felix E Ramdial DDS Colonia Medical & Health Care in Tennessee: Too often we learn more but don’t move the needle on our speaking. The weekdays were well balanced with community activities in the morning and small-group Spanish classes each afternoon. Please click here to checkout specific rates for all of our lodging options... Habla Ya Spanish students have access to special discounts off many eco-adventure tours. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Everyone knows that when it comes to learning Spanish, nothing beats immersion. This highly regarded institution has provided an intensive Spanish immersion program for more than 30 years.. The world’s most acclaimed Spanish Program, taught by coaches reflecting the many accents of the Spanish- speaking world. For example, some students are participating in a formal International Rotation through Common Ground. We do this by means of language immersion programs (Spanish programs based in Ashburn, Virginia), bilingual playgroups, and online resources for parents such as our Bilingual Parenting Podcast and our Bilingüitos Blog. Free Learning One of the oldest language schools in the city, the Cuauhnáhuac institution offers a regular intensive and super intensive program (six hours a day). Please Send me your Brochure. That said, it’s totally worth it. In addition, emphasis is placed on medical Spanish language acquisition, with practical skills development in patient interviewing and examination in Spanish. Job openings Spanish Immersion Program with Agualivar Spanish School. You’re surrounded by a group of like-minded professionals and led day to day by our program leaders. Students can have from 2 - 6 hours of lessons per day. By combining in-class practice, specialized vocabulary with medical terminology and homework plus basic workshops and practices in the simulation center . If you’re looking for a Cancel for Any Reason policy, we suggest you shop for it here at travelinsurance.com. Volunteers and staff stay at the Floating Doctors base on Isla San Cristobal, a 10-minute boat ride from the town of Bocas del Toro on Isla Colon. Therefore, while everyone has unique careers and varying professional aspirations, they all have something in common. Document Translation & Localization Services Schedule: 8A-12N, Monday through Friday. Santo Domingo is a suburb to the north of San José. Fundraising and Student Travel Scholarships Spanish for business is one popular type of immersion class. If you're considering studying Spanish for four weeks or more, you might benefit from having your own vacation rental. Interprofessional mix of fellow travelers, 24/7 leadership, coordination & support by Common Ground program leaders, Medical Spanish Immersion in Ecuador & Costa Rica, Amazing beaches, active volcanoes, cloud forests & Andean mountain hikes, Great day trips, exciting weekend excursions, amazing beaches & unique eco-tourism, Amazing beaches, volcanoes, national parks, etc, We offer the best language and cultural outcomes. DISCOVER BOQUETE: THE PERFECT MOUNTAIN TOWN TO LEARN SPANISH... BOCAS DEL TORO: STUNNING CARIBBEAN ISLANDS TO STUDY SPANISH... PANAMA CITY: THE BEST LATIN AMERICAN CITY TO LEARN SPANISH... letting us know when you sign up and register. Would you like us to notify you? Known as Panama's Eco-Adventure Capital, Boquete is famous for its coffee and fresh mountain climate with pleasant year round temperatures. Above all, the one thing that EVERYONE has in common is a sense that they need Spanish for their work with patients. Medical Spanish Immersion in Ecuador & Costa Rica do something about the Climate and Ecological Crisis? Our Spanish immersion programs in Spain and Costa Rica combine Spanish classes with practical application, group excursions, sports, and cultural visits. We’re a Colorado-based organization, and we have a clear track record of amazing Spanish immersion programs. Blog Mornings will be spent at the hospital, while afternoons will be spent on Spanish language instruction and seminars with local health professionals. The general curriculum for our Medical Spanish Course is designed to be completed in 40 to 60 hours of lessons (2 - 3 weeks of lessons). So, we’re happy to have your family join you on your immersion program. In Panama City, Panama House B&B is literally just across the road and Baru Lodge is on the street behind us, while Luna's Castle is an easy 30 minute commute. You work hard all day long in your community projects, your Spanish classes, and then you go home to your loving host family for more practice speaking :). Canopy Speak offers phrases in 15 languages, including Spanish. Change the way you see your world. As the country where the language emerged, Spain is often the first and only choice … The Multi-Day Mobile Clinics function in the same way as our Day Long Mobile Clinics but leaves us in the community for 3 - 4 days living, working and sleeping with the patients that we are serving. The primary difference with our medical Spanish immersion programs is that we weave 4 Spanish language components into your everyday experience. Another favorite Spanish-language school in Cuernavaca is the Escuela Cuauhnáhuac. Welcome to Immersion Programs. Canopy offers several options for anyone looking to use or learn medical Spanish, but Canopy does primarily target doctors and nurses. Others are just trying to bolster their Spanish before they hit the job market. I was able to gain an understanding of the culture of many of my future patients. Not to mention, working other healthcare colleagues improving their Spanish is exciting and fun. This is great for you as a participant as well because you get to practice explaining the very same educational topics that you need to explain to your patients back home as well. Other situations may lend themselves more to health education materials as donations. SIGN UP AND REGISTER FOR ONLINE SPANISH LESSONS! There are also other types of properties available for rent in Panama City, Boquete and Bocas del Toro, Panama. Professional Spanish Classes Eco-Adventure Tours have their own fees and students pay what they consume at bars, Dinner Parties and Get-Togethers. We work with different non-profit groups with different missions. All of them are located in town really close to our Spanish Schools, within a 15 minute walk. In this way you'll have 4 hours of group lessons per day plus 1 or 2 extra hours of private lessons in which you'll be able to work on your medical Spanish skills. This is a perfect combination of vacation and serious learning in a beautiful and friendly place. For example, if you’re giving a talk on oral hygiene, we will suggest that your charla group try and secure toothbrush and travel toothpaste donations to accompany your charla. Spanish Immersion for Adults in Costa Rica & Ecuador All program-related transportation is provided, as well as regular scheduled water shuttle service twice daily between Bocas town on Isla Colon and the Floating Doctors headquarters. Host families on Spanish immersion are essential to improving your general conversation skills and everyday rapport-building conversations. Therefore, we focus heavily on educating our patient populations so that they can make informed health decisions when we’re not present. Language Plus’ Intensive Spanish Program (ISP) is a full immersion program designed to help you develop your general Spanish skills, with an emphasis on speaking and communicating. 4. Request Info Apply Now International opportunity to learn Spanish abroad at CPI Spanish language immersion schools in Costa Rica with 3 three diverse locations within Costa Rica, typical town, cloud forest, beach, maintain academic continuity while traveling - Quality immersion study, professional seminars, teen camps & study abroad groups.Where can I learn spanish abroad Spanish schools in costa rica. Primarily, the differences relate to pre-trip preparation. Costa Rica Family Vacation In general you can expect a large amount of preventative health education to women and children. My main reason for learning Spanish is to be able to better communicate with my patients in the emergency room. At Habla Ya Spanish School we work with several top value budget hostels that offer you either private rooms or a bed in a dorm, where you'll certainly enjoy your stay. Most importantly, if you’re not sure how to choose between the programs you’re considering, we’ll be happy to help. So if you can make time for it, consider working on a few essential medical Spanish topics before you travel to make sure you’re ready to go. I learned so much during the trip, but more importantly, I became comfortable making mistakes and feeling more confident! However, you will never regret a single minute of Spanish preparation before you travel. Medical Spanish Classes I found CGI through a basic Google search for medical Spanish immersion programs offering CEUs. We don’t focus on clinical work, we focus on education. Floating Doctors ask volunteers to commit for a minimum of 1 week with them, and volunteers should plan to join their Sunday 5:00 p.m. boat to base for an orientation session. In order to prepare your medical Spanish course, please submit your Online Placement Test, let us know your specific medical profession (and specialty if you have one) and tell us if you would like to focus on any specific topic. Medical Spanish: Books, Certification, Classes, Immersion, Interpreting & More, Privacy Policy The above are tremendously convenient, fully furnished, very reasonably priced for short to mid term stays (4 - 12 weeks) and the students at our Spanish schools simply love them. Cosmopolitan and trendy are the words that always come to mind when thinking about Panama City. Yucatán: Learn Spanish with Na'atik Language and Culture Institute. Our programs are designed to help you learn Spanish while you volunteer in the community. It’s tiring, but it works! The goal of the AEC Medical Spanish program is to build better communication with patients and is the longest running medical program in all of Costa Rica. Floating Doctors organize Day Long and Multi-Day Clinics. So come learn medical spanish with AEC this summer. They offer unlimited 1-1 Spanish classes with tutors from Latin America. Small Group Immersion classes are offered at all proficiency levels so every health care professional may enroll. The people are the best part from the staff to the other students and to the hosts. Learn Medical Spanish The schedule was both varied and predictable, and the weekend excursions offered the right balance of respite and continued language practice! The Archipelago of Bocas del Toro (BOC), is located in Panama's northwest Caribbean Sea, very near the border with Costa Rica, only a 45 minute flight from Panama City, a 1 hour flight from San José, Costa Rica, or a 3 hour journey by road plus a 30 minute boat ride from Boquete. They also have an excellent curriculum that will guide you on your path and teach you everything you need to know. SIGN UP & REGISTER FOR A SPANISH IMMERSION PROGRAM... Spanish Course + Internship + Lodging + Tours & Activities, request a quote for a specific amount of weeks (or several different options) please click here. The Cachamsi program offers immersion and certification in the practice of Medical Spanish through proprietary courses and Kaiser Permanente’s Clinician Cultural and Linguistic Assessment (CCLA). Simply put Tropical Suites is Bocas del Toro's premier upscale boutique hotel. No other experience in school has taught me this much about another culture, about healthcare abroad, and about myself. For more information about our extra activities please click here. Learn English This does require some additional planning. Its funky-vibrant nightlife, and friendly, chilled-back locals also add to the mix which make Bocas Panama's coolest beach destination. Fees include accommodation and meals from Sunday to Friday night. All of our programs include basic travel medical insurance with trip interruption, delays, lost bags, etc. Medical liability insurance is not required for the work we do since we do not provide medical care as a general rule. Panamanian dinners cost $5 - $7 USD per person. Your donations will relate directly to any charlas that you will be giving in select communities. And my confidence improved immeasurably. Spanish Immersion Pre-Departure Courses Our Medical Spanish Immersion Programs are designed to improve your Spanish while you help communities with specific needs and learn about concepts of health and factors that affect healthy living in Latin America. You'll get a unique perspective about how we live our lives in Latin America, what really matters to us and more importantly you'll be forced to practice your Spanish 24 x 7, which will dramatically increase how fast you learn to speak Spanish. Additionally, you will work closely with one of our medical supervisors during a portion of your trip, and you’ll have our lead medical Spanish instructor with you as well. This experience, along with increased diagnostic skills and clinical confidence, is the gift that Floating Doctors intends our volunteers to carry back to their practice in the developed world, and one that will benefit clinicians and patients well beyond the locations we visit. Since then we have continued to improve and refine our program. For those doctors, medical students or healthcare practitioners in general, who would like to volunteer with Floating Doctors, please send your, complete résumé and a transcript of the highest or current level of medical education completed and/or a scanned copy of your medical license. I am excited to be able to use Spanish with my patients in a few months to connect with them on an entirely different level than I could have before. This medical Spanish immersion program in Central & South America is specifically designed for healthcare professionals and healthcare students to maximize your learning every moment. In Bocas del Toro on the other hand, 421 Guesthouse and Saigon Bay and Breakfast are just a 3 minute and 10 minute walk respectively from us. There are also other types of properties available for rent in Bocas del Toro, Panama. So, no rush at the moment, you will receive more details on the talks you will be delivering and have the opportunity to define your own donation items during your pre-departure preparation. With a perfect score of 10 for fun, and … If you're feeling uncomfortable speaking Spanish, there's no better way to improve than with a Spanish immersion program. It makes a tangible difference in the lives of your underserved patients every day, Your patients are immediately put at ease when they see you trying to meet them where they are, You understand your patients more easily, so you are naturally less frustrated, Your Spanish speaking patients get faster and better care, Your Spanish speaking patients have an advocate they can turn to within the healthcare system, You feel better about your work with Spanish-only patient. From Business: Spanish immersion programs for all ages. Because we want to always provide sustainable medical outreach services, we spend a lot of time educating patients about healthy lifestyle options in resource poor settings. While you might also use Canopy Speak to study seriously, this program is intended more for quick and easy translation without having to know the language. Yoga classes in Panama City cost from $10 - $15 USD per class and they also have monthly packages of unlimited classes. Boquete is easily accessed from David (DAV), Panama's second largest city (only 38 km away from Boquete), which can be reached by 35 minute flights from Panama City, 1 hour flights from San José, Costa Rica or a 3 hour drive plus a 30 minute boat ride from Bocas del Toro. Join an exclusive group of up to 10 participants for a unique Spanish Immersion program at one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. Secondly, the integration into the local communities and the type of medical outreach work we do is unique. SIGN UP NOW & REGISTER FOR A MEDICAL SPANISH IMMERSION IN PAMAMA... contact us and we will help you choose the most appropriate lodging option for your Medical Spanish Immerison Program, Eco-Adventure Tours + Cultural & Social Activities. As such, physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. Hold your spot for 30 days. The Best Spanish Immersion SEND ME A BROCHURE. The unstructured format was ideal to explore Oaxaca and discover the culture of this amazing city. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #14584, for 20 Contact Hours per week of immersion. Tuesday – Thursday medical outreach projects. In order to prepare your medical Spanish course, please submit your Online Placement Test, let us know your specific medical profession (and specialty if you have one) and tell us if you would like to focus on any specific topic.. Medical Spanish classes are mainly offered through One to One Spanish Lessons.Students can have from 2 - 6 hours of lessons per day. Each of the above have their own unique features that make them suitable for guests with different needs and desires. Both SIP and Livit feature a similar daily program of four hours of instruction in the morning coupled with two hours of afternoon conversation practice with a local guide. And Spanish has been a goal of mine for years, and after this trip I feel that I have finally made some significant progress. Summer Medical Immersion Program for Spanish Speakers in Buenos Aires. There are four variables to consider when determining the total cost of your Medical Spanish Immersion Program. My Spanish has improved so much! Spanish Books In 1996 we worked closely with Dr. Harold Drayton at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston to set up an immersion program for his medical students. As a Floating Doctor's volunteer, you will have access to a 10% discount off your Spanish lessons with Habla Ya. Common Ground’s medical Spanish immersion programs are unique in several ways from other travel programs available to healthcare professionals and students. In order to ensure that we select the most appropriate host family for you, please submit your Home Stay Interview with as much as anticipation as possible. As mentioned elsewhere, beginners are accepted onto the programs without hesitation. For more information on our guiding principles for health work abroad, please see our mission statement. In other words, you learn medical Spanish (and general conversational Spanish) through everything you do Mon – Fri. Click on the above links for more details about each option. Our headquarters is an off-the-grid remote facility located on a mangrove island, relying on solar power, rain catchment and filtration, and biotreatment of waste. There is a truism when it comes to language immersion programs: the more you know before you travel, the more you learn while abroad. For more information on our guiding principles for health work abroad, please see our mission statement. Our approach to “medical mission” work is community health / public health education topics. Yoga classes in Boquete cost $6 - $10 USD per person. Cancel for any reason insurance covers personal things like scheduling conflicts and those crazy things that rarely happen – like global pandemics. The principal format of the program provides structured group and individual field experiences in international health, coordinated with medical language immersion study.