Courses that satisfy major and/or cognate requirements for more than one field can be applied simultaneously to both fields. MSE Program Advisor: Emmanuelle Marquis, 2146B Dow, 764-8717, Once the requirements for the major are complete, their department advisor must submit an online major/minor release form to the academic auditors so the second major can be added to the student's transcript. Anyone doubling these two majors? Upon completion of this additional major, the minor will be removed from the student’s transcript and be replaced by the major. Students will not only be able to work with large datasets (“Big Data”), but they will be able to create, analyze, and interpret this information. (Full disclosure I'm CS + a stats minor so I'm a little biased) In the College of LSA, because your education is about more than searching for answers in a textbook, we offer numerous programs that foster hands-on work, innovative thinking, and experiences that challenge and transform. Students also may not change their degree (e.g., A.B. The data science undergraduate program is a joint program between the EECS Department in the College of Engineering and the Department of Statistics in the College of LSA. If you need to make changes, email Double Majoring. However, to ensure that these students have devoted significant, independent effort to each major, only three courses can be counted toward both majors. Request an appointment with the program advisor to discuss declaring. Thanks to all of these opportunities, undergraduates may elect to pursue dual degrees, double majors, or a minor. For some programs there may be a short grace period to accept late documents. Please note: Students who transfer into EECS from other departments can substitute E7 for the CS 61A degree requirement, if they have taken E7 before entering the major. Courses, including cognates, elected as part of one major may be used, when appropriate, to satisfy the requirements of the second major. An integrated major of computer science and economics coursework, providing students with enhanced quantitative analysis and computational skills. Entrepreneurship, Career Empowerment & Leadership (EXCEL) Lab. Most minors that are options for CoE students are also permitted, except for minors in Computer Science and in Statistics, since their credits overlap significantly. Review your academic report with the advisor. Performance in these classes is indicative of student aptitude for the Computer Science program, and students who do not perform well are encouraged to meet with a CS-LSA advisor. It may be necessary to target more than a year in advance for a particular MDE. Huge amounts of data with complex structures in the form of text, video, and streaming data are routinely collected in social networks (e.g., Google, Twitter, Facebook), biological and health sciences (e.g., drug discovery, patient care), sciences and engineering (e.g., astronomy, networks, smart buildings), business and industry (e.g., automotive, robotics, banking, insurance, ad networks) as well as by government and society at large. Explore Michigan Engineering Majors Your career is a lifelong learning process that goes well beyond a paycheck. Thank you in advance. Planning on a double major with CS-Eng and another CoE major? hide. Students are urged to declare a specific engineering major by the start of their 3rd term of enrollment. U-M's academic vigor offers excellence across disciplines and around the globe. The application deadline is here. Once the requirements for the major are complete, their department advisor must submit an online major/minor release form to the academic auditors so the second major can be added to the student's transcript. Declaration request is approved or denied. Questions about the program should be directed to #1. doublelegking 26 replies 10 threads Junior Member. hide . A double major between Data Science and Computer Science, or between Data Science and Statistics, is permitted. Open to students enrolled in the College of Engineering, this program is administered by the CSE Division of the EECS Department. A combined degree may be obtained in chemical engineering and materials science and engineering. Students who want a double major must meet all requirements in two fields and must officially declare, and be approved for, both majors. Graduates of the program will be well prepared for exciting careers in data science and will have opportunities for advanced study. Replies to: A Good Double Major with Computer Science? For more information, please pick up ChE/MSE Dual Degree … no comments yet. If you meet ALL of these requirements, please use this appointment-scheduling tool to schedule a declaration appointment with a DS-Eng advisor. College Questions. Learn what it means to be a Wolverine and dig in to what the liberal arts are all about. umich double major in business and cs. First-year students can also apply to more than one U-M school or college at a time as dual-degree applicants, with certain limitations and guidelines. after graduation. I was wondering if you knew that works. statistics, minor computer science, and a graduate certificate in computational mathematics, science, and engineering. In general, the process for declaring a double major is a lot simpler than that for entering a dual degree program. Students are, however, permitted to use the credits earned towards a minor in the completion of an additional major after graduation. This is an annual opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate exceptional staff contributions to the success of the College . What’s the Difference? Chemical engineering students who decide to pursue a second degree in materials science and engineering will take a minimum of 14 additional hours. May I still apply? One major thing you should keep in mind is getting to your MDE class. Michigan Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department; Computer Science and Engineering Bob and Betty Beyster Building 2260 Hayward Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121. To declare in the LSA Computer Science (CS) major a student must first complete 4 pre-courses for the major. Dual degree students must apply to each program at its respective school. This allows students to choose paths and majors that reflect their interests and individuality. CS-LSA vs. CS- Eng, Graduate School for Current CSE Undergrads, College of Engineering rules on combined degree programs, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, The Regents of the University of Michigan. A student electing a double major must meet all requirements for both majors. More information is here. 1. None of the majors require any 100-level courses to be taken by a student other than those in the common engineering, math and science core. July 2016. Cognitive Science majors may double major in BCN, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology, or other fields. What do you think about these two majors?